My 3 Mistakes – Anil Keshari Shah


Text by Abish Shakya
Photo by  Arwind Chhetri

1Didn’t value friendship
I and my brother did our schooling from 9 different schools as our parents’ profession required frequent transfers. We did not understand the ethos of friendship because friends would come and go in every 2 or 3 years. Now, I have good friends and I can count them within the limit of my hand fingers. I see people having childhood friends with whom they share everything, much more than with their families.Now, I try to make good friends, but still, many decades have been lost.

2Rushed in life
I did my O Levels’ when I was 16. Without enrolling in high school, I went to college at 20, and after coming back, I did my MBA. At that time, it sounded great when people congratulated me for graduating that far, but now looking back, I think I ‘rushed’. I think it was a mistake because now I believe life ends with a death at the end, and I could have spent more time living every breath and enjoyed life. I looked at life from only one milestone to the other without enjoying the distance travelled between the milestones which has been a regret.

3Didn’t share my experiences
Although now I have started to share my experiences with youth, I think I started a little late. A lot of youth have already lost hope with this country, and if 1000 professionals like me would have shared stories of success and challenges, maybe, a lot of youths would have been here.

Professionals like us had lit our candles while there was darkness all around. Fearing to fall, we didn’t put a flame on someone else’s candle wick even though they had a candle; instead, we laughed onto those who were falling because they didn’t have light. Our candles always had its flame despite moving fast but we didn’t realize that our candlelight would not sustain, and in the absence of other flameless candles, we too will be in darkness someday. This is the mistake I and the successful professionals of my generation committed.

Now, I am putting a flame to as many candles as possible. I know my candles will not sustain but other candles with the primary source of mine will remain and spread, sustaining the room to be bright, so bright.


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