-321° Ice cream Live in Nepal: More than just an experience

-321° Ice cream Live Nepal is the first to bring the concept of using nitrogen to make creative flavours of ice cream and other special items that create a more visual effect rather than gustatory. With almost all people huddled around the kiosk, trying to get a snap out of their experience, it not a huge surprise that making ice cream amidst clouds of smoke and a big container of liquid nitrogen has become the talk of the town.


By Priyadarshani Shrestha

Just as many fans of Game of Thrones like to keep reminding us that winter is coming. The hot air of summer will soon evaporate into chilly winds of winter; so hurry and go get a taste of the nitrogen ice cream at -321°F Ice cream Live Nepal, Labim Mall and Civil Mall, Kathmandu before the end of summer!

-321°F Ice cream Live Nepal especially offers two smokey treats: ‘Dragon Breath’ and ‘Dragon Cigars’.

Dragon’s Breath is a nitrogen-infused cheese ball which produce a thick fog-like smoke and Cigar is chocolate roll crispies which look like a legitimate cigar with smoke coming out of the roll. I personally enjoyed the Dragon Cigars while Dragon Breath seemed like a waste to me because it didn’t even taste good. It may be the best for many to stick with sweet crispy delights with many others calling the smokey cheese balls tasteless as well. Besides, there are a plethora of exciting flavours with additional surprising ingredients that differentiate the taste from the ice cream offered at normal ice cream kiosks.

Since it can be made from any kind of mixture, Nitrogen Ice Cream is known for being individually-handcrafted the way you want, instantaneously. The team has come up with a number of really tasty concoctions that do not taste like any other ice cream flavour I ever had before. However, there are still a lot of rooms for creativity in incorporating Nepali flavours as well. With the exception of the Juju Dhau Ice Cream, all the other flavours sound a bit generic and common. The kiosk has many open doors with a little experimentation and testing, and they can become even more unique with the flavours they offer.

-321° Ice cream
-321° Ice cream

Recently, because of some incidents with Liquid Nitrogen, consuming products made from it have become a controversial subject worldwide. Liquid nitrogen is way below water’s freezing point; so if it is not handled with care, it can be very dangerous and harmful. However, with the professionally-trained employees at -321°F Ice-cream Live, they vouch the safety standards to deliver you the very best. The trained professionals take extra care to ensure that safety comes first. Moreover, the specially-fabricated machine allows even the ice-cream vendors to not come in contact with the cold. When consuming Dragon Breath or Dragon Cigar, consumers are at no risk because the smokey delights are sieved before being served, so the chances of extra liquid nitrogen remaining in the glass are zero.

“The science behind the creamy ice cream is all in the process of rapidly freezing the mixture. A mixture of desired flavours and milk is made to be turned into ice cream. The goal is to avoid ice crystals when freezing the mixture. The liquid nitrogen which is very, very cold (exactly -321°F cold) does just that by causing the fat and the water particles of the mixture to stay very small, giving the ice cream its creamy yet solid consistency.”

Therefore these clear instructions are given to consumers.

  1. Hold the cup with a tissue.
  2. Use a wooden skewer to eat.
  3. Do not place it on your tongue for long.
  4. Chew it and blow.
  5. Do not touch or drink the liquid at the bottom of the smokey ice cream cup.

Disclaimer: The products are very cold; so it is not advisable for people who are sick or have a cold to consume the products. People with asthma may also consider their choices with the smokey items as it could cause them some discomfort.



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