4 Super Foods for Healthy Living


By Shubhanga Adhikari
Illustrations: Joint effort by Latshering Glan, Abish Shakya, Bibek Puri and Subhanga Adhikari

In 2015/2016, Department of Food Technology and Quality Control (DFTQC) conducted a nation-wide market inspection. Among a total of 2,120 food and feed samples, 10% i.e. 212 samples were found to be substandard, which includes processed drinking water, milk products, feed, fats, oils, tea, coffee, spices, fruits and vegetables.

The scientific research proved that we’re eating substandard food and feeds knowingly or unknowingly. In this context, flushing out harmful chemicals from our body is very important, and that’s where eating super foods becomes vital.

Super foods are foods that flush out harmful toxins from our body, and give vitamins, antioxidants and minerals, which then instruct the genes to repair and maintain a healthy brain while eliminating the risk of developing cancer, diabetes and host of other harmful diseases.

So, to enlighten you more on super foods, here are four super foods which provide essentials to live a healthy and long life.


  1. Chia seeds

    Grown in Mexico and Guatemala, chia seeds are not harvested in Nepal, thus, are shipped. Also known as “Runners or Warriors’ food”, chia — meaning ‘strength’ in Malayan language — is rich in dense nutrients.

Strength: With protein contained in as much as 2 eggs and 3 times more fibre than in oats, chia seeds help the body to lose weight and stay healthy without maintaining a strict diet. If you consume one tablespoon of chia seeds, you can skip a meal for the day.

Benefits Promote healthy skin; reduce signs of ageing; supports health and digestive system; prevents dehydration; builds stronger muscles and bones.


  • To get most nutrients out of it, soak the seeds in water for about 20 minutes.
  • Maintain the ratio of 1:10 (chia: water) 

Black Chia Vs White Chia seeds
Black chia seeds have less protein than in the white chia seeds. Thus, it is beneficial for the people who workout and maintain their mass. The seeds are small in size; so, this bland-flavoured seeds can be used in different recipes and smoothies.

While black chia seeds help in weight management, white chia seeds help in weight loss and lessen the side-effects of type-2 diabetes.

Prices: White chia seeds: Rs 1,500 for 200 gms.

Black chia seeds: Rs 1,250 for 200 gms.


  1. Organic White Quinoa

    White Quinoa
    White Quinoa

Also known as ‘Mother of all Grains’, white quinoa — harvested in Peru — provides all 9 essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

Strength: High in fibre and extra fat content, organic white quinoa is also high in manganeses, an antioxidant that prevents the damage of mitochondria during energy production. The gluten-free grain can be consumed by glutton intolerant and have greater digestibility.


The process of boiling, simmering, and steaming of quinoa does not reduce the contents of fatty acids, its texture and flavour.

  • Add quinoa and liquid in the saucepan in the ratio of 1:2.
  • Let it boil
  • Reduce the heat to simmer
  • Cover the saucepan
  • To have a nuttier flavour, roast it before cooking.

Price: Rs.1, 000 for 500gms


  1. Goji Berries
    Goji Berries
    Goji Berries

    Considered as ‘The Fruits of Immortality’ according to Chinese mythology, Goji berries have been consumed by many civilizations to prevent various types of diseases. It provides nutrients important for the pro-immune system.

Benefits: Strengthens immune system; prevents cancer; protects eyes against age-related diseases such as macular degeneration (leading cause of blindness among older adults).

Function: Goji berries potentially lower blood sugar level and improves sugar tolerance. They also improve and recover cells that help produce insulin.

In the market: Pre-packed Goji berries are found in supermarkets with the name ‘Goji Berries’ or ‘Wolfberries’.

Ways of consuming: Besides eating directly, you can mix them in your breakfast cereals or blend it into juice or smoothies.

Price: Rs.650 for 125gms

Note: Pregnant women and individuals with low blood pressure should avoid eating Goji Berries.

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