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Joining an organisation as an intern is never easy, especially for the first timers who may feel like becoming a new kid attending a high school full of mean cliques. With short of information related to channel or hierarchy of communication with other officials, timing of lunch, facilities for interns, roles and responsibilities, etc, most first-time interns have found their first day at internship to be ‘the most awkward’.

Besides, we all have heard about the frustrating stories of bank interns who get stuck at the ‘Know Your Customer’ department doing same activities every day. We also have heard about the uninteresting experiences of interns at NGO who were assigned to do nothing except assisting research departments by cutting newspaper articles. Listening to these kinds of experiences, a lot of us may feel that internships are programs designed just to help students build their resumes and are mostly nonproductive or non-educational. But, this is not true.

An intern has the liberty to make mistakes and be excused as interns are not expected to know every norm of a work. But this also does not indicate that interns are free to make mistakes every day. Thus, internships are opportunity for students to learn professional know-how of a working environment and students should take benefit from every bit of it.

1. Clear internship objectives and goals
Set specific goals for yourself and each internship and clearly share it with the designated official of the organisation before you start working with them. They will be impressed by your eagerness and will be more confident in assigning tasks to you. This way, your internship will be productive.

2. Be positive and enthusiastic
Being an intern, it is very likely that you will sometimes get uninteresting jobs like data-entry and documentation. The way to get motivated for these kinds of jobs is to always understand the bigger picture.

3. Start socialising and interacting more
Business communication is one of the most important aspects in the corporate world that can be experienced and learned during internships. Social interaction and networking can become crucial for your career. So, shine a smile and spark up conversations with neighbouring colleagues.

4. Don’t be afraid to ask for help
As an intern, you’re not expected to know everything, however, it is assumed you know how to do any task unlessyou state that you don’t know, or you ask someone for help. Most organisations have employees who have gone through difficulties in their first days as well, so, they will surely be happy to help if you just ask. Just make sure not to take too much of their time and thank them for their help.

5. Take initiative and be open-minded and willing to help
Help should be a two-way street during an internship. You must be able to show your eagerness and take initiative to do new task or ask people if they need help. Approach each task with professionalism, not matter how small or silly it may seem and if you run out of work to do, don’t wait for assignments. Ask or send them a message politely, letting your supervisor know you’re ready for more work.

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