A new Japanese skincare product launched


Kathmandu, June 24: Rohto Mentholatum, one of the leading Japanese health and skin care companies in the world, launched a new skincare product Sunplay Natural during a function in the capital on June 24. Former Miss Nepal and actor Shristi Shrestha launched the product.

According to the company, Sunplay Natural is an improved sunscreen containing PA ++++, meaning, it gives ‘extremely high UVA (long wave ultraviolet ray) protection’. The press statement reads, “PA stands for protection grade of UVA which is the main reason of early signs of skin aging, tanning, red spot wrinkling, leathering, and sagging). PA++++ is the best protection when exposing to very strong UVA radiation. It is the highest grade of UVA protection currently available in the market.”

Similarly, the company claims that the product has Sun Protect Factor (SPF50+). The press statement reads, “SPF stands for protection grade of UVB (short wave ultraviolet ray) that destroys skins’ natural collagen and has been proved in having its link to skin cancer. SPF50+ means customers will have access to the best possible sun protection. Users should reapply it every two hours is they are in the sun all day. It screens-out 98.33% of the UVB light of the sun.”

Sunplay Natural is originated from various extracts, including thanaka (a cosmetic paste), sakura (a botanical extract), cantella (a hard fiber) and is ‘preservative-free’, ‘alcohol-free’, and ‘irritation-free’. The product provides whitening and nourishing to skin and protects skin from ultraviolet rays and pollution, according to the press statement.

Sunplay Natural is available in two variants: ‘Sunplay Natural Gel’ and ‘Sunplay Natural Cream’.

The Rohto Mentholatum is a FMCG (Fast-moving consumer goods) and OTC (Over-The-Counter) Pharmaceutical Corporation headquartered in Ikuno-ku, Osaka, Japan. It has its presence in North America, Europe, and Asia, including Nepal.

The company has been providing health and personal care solutions for more than a century now, and it has already made a remarkable presence in Nepali market with their existing Sunplay product lines: ‘Super Block’, ‘Outgoing’, ‘Super Cool’, ‘Baby Mild’, and ‘Whitening UV’.



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