A unique band with unique story at Storytellers


To bring out the art of storytelling to life, STORYTELLERS organized an event of music series with the NIGHT band with the slogan “Our Music has a Story” on April 19 in Russian Culture Centre, Kamalpokhari. With the unique and inspirational life stories of the hardship faced by the band members bred an emotional response to every listener in the venue. Starting from how a natural instrument changed one of the member’s life to how being a lower caste- who couldn’t gain respect for her work- started a fire in the belly to pursue the passion of her life made the entire hall numb with mixed feelings.  The entire audience went cheery on hearing some inspiring words by the band members: Shiva Khatri and Mina Singh— the other band members such as Niraj Shakya and Jason Kunwar’s stories included the hard decisions they had to make in order to follow their dream of becoming musicians.

The band members described why they prefer to stay out of the spotlight by creating the music they want to create and enjoy what they do.  After the story session, the band performed three songs filling the entire venue with big round of applause.

To wrap up the event, NIGHT disclosed a new music video for an upcoming movie. While taking the audience on a journey of their life stories an emotional rollercoaster ended on a high note with cheering of audience growing louder and making the evening truly remarkable.

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