Aadha Love Trailer Released


Richa Sharma Film Production held the trailer release of their first feature production “Aadha Love” at Victory Lounge in Durbar Marg on Thursday, May 4. The event guests included Reecha Sharma, and Arpan Thapa and the cast of the movie along with well wishers for Reecha Sharma, including one of her closest friends Nisha Adhikari.

Written and directed by Apran Thapa, the movie is the first venture by Richa Sharma’s production house. It also has a start in the industry for Sishan Baniya as the Director of Photography. Through the trailer it was evident that the movie tackles the various relationships and types of loves and also sheds light on both the emotional and physical side of it.

Reecha Sharma and Arpan Thapa both also star in the movie and talked briefly about it during the event. Reecha Sharma shared the experience of being involved in the entire movie production and how tedious it really is. She also said that the movie tries to discuss daring stories and called it an ‘experimental cinema’. Arpan Thapa thanked the cast and crew for making the film a possibility and asked for critics from the viewers. He added that people would be able to digest his ‘vegetarian’ cinema amidst a bunch of ‘non-vegetarian’ movies.

The movie supported by Popcorn Pictures is set to be released on June 9, 2017 (Jestha 26). The movie stars Mithila Sharma, Tika Pahari, Arpan Thapa, Reecha Sharma, Raymon Das Shrestha, Rojisha Shahi, and Bipin Mickey Gurung.

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