Absent-Minded & Clumsiest Moments!



 By Roneeshma Shrestha

We remember people by a lot of things; their shiny hair, beautiful smile, charismatic personality, advice, or anything so catchy. However, don’t you have friends whom, the moment you hear their name, picturise and remember them by the hilarious moments they’d created? Well, we’ve all heard of losing bobby pins, hair bands and keys or misplacing your sunglasses which you later find it in your own damn head. But, these chums have taken the ‘absent-minded/ clumsy’ game to a whole new level. Let’s read out there stories and see if you can relate!

Kavya Biswokarma

Kavya BiswokarmaOne morning some time ago, I was hurrying for my class, and as usual, I had my earphones in my ears and was bobbing my head to the song. While entering the classroom, I neither looked at the teacher nor at the students but went straight at the back and sat on the last bench. After a few seconds, I took my earphones out, looked up and realised that I was actually in someone else’s classroom. Everyone was staring at me as I had totally lost it. How mortifying?


Manisha BimaliManisha Bimali
Back in those days, I was a little girl studying in the sixth standard. One day (Saturday), my mom had a fast, and I thought of serving her with a glass of milk. So, I left some milk to boil in the stove while I kept switching channels on television. After a few moments, I heard my sister calling up for panipuri and I excitedly went out to devour it. When I returned home, I could sense the burning of something and I rushed to the kitchen. My mom was already in the kitchen and was holding the overheated pan with a hole at its bottom. I had tried to be sweet but ended up getting scolded like hell.


Shristi ShresthaShristi Shrestha

One day five years ago—during Dashain—everyone was out shopping while I and my elder brother stayed at home. We invited our cousins and watched movies and played cards. After some time, we decided to make French toast; so, my brother was preparing the bread, and I took out four eggs from the fridge – two on each hand. On that day, I was wearing a pant that had strangles at the bottom. While walking, I stepped on one of the strangles and I tripped. I dropped all the eggs.

At first, my cousins mocked me, but soon, we were worried about my mother’s reaction. So, we cleaned the floor, but the smell was still emanating. We then poured some gel of shampoo to remove the smell. We made the toast with other eggs. After my mom returned, she asked us what had happened but all of us remained silent. Later, she found out everything about the incident, but luckily, she said nothing.


Sukeerti ShresthaSukreeti Shrestha

I was studying in 10th grade, and the clumsiest incident occurred during one of my physics classes that were scheduled right after lunch break. It is not uncommon for someone to fall sleepy during such classes, and I was way too sleepy to learn about electricity. So, I asked my friend near me to accurately take notes and I rested my head on my hand and dozed off on the table.

Sometime during the middle of the class, my hands slipped and this caused my head to fall onto the desk with a loud bang. The whole class, including the teacher, looked at me. You’d expect me to be burning with embarrassment, but I was not; I was still sleeping.

When I woke up, my friend shared that she was in a dilemma whether to wake me up or not, but she quoted the teacher as saying, “Let her sleep”.


Yoznaa Magar

Yoznaa MagarThree months ago, I was at my friend’s place for her brother’s birthday. I was sitting next to him when I saw a piece of glitter falling on the cake. In an attempt to divert its direction, I blew it but the candles went off, right exactly when he was about to blow the candles. Five seconds of awkward silence was followed by the birthday guy saying, “Dii aba cake pani kaatney ki?”



Riju ShresthaRiju Shrestha
I was supposed to peel off the garlic, keep the peeled garlic in a tiffin box and store it inside the fridge. While doing the peeling job, I was watching Netflix. So when I was done with it, I boxed up the garlic and cleaned up my mess, all the while never taking my eyes off the phone since the show was in Spanish and I was concentrating on the subtitles. I’d left the box on the kitchen counter and gone to throw the peeling into the dustbin. I came back to the kitchen to hear by sister screaming at me. Apparently, while concentrating so much on the subtitles, I’d actually boxed up the peeling into the tiffin and thrown away the peeled garlic into the dustbin.


Shriya MaharjanShriya Maharjan
One day, my friends and I were in our apartment getting ready to head out. After I reached the gate, my friends started giggling at me but didn’t say what was wrong. Later on, I realised I had been wearing two different slippers the whole time.




One day, I, along with my friend, was making candles in her kitchen by watching DIY videos on YouTube. Next moment, we were praising ourselves while looking at the candles. Then, I smelled something different and unusual. The next thing that I saw when I turned around was something that has been haunting even today. The pan was on immense fire and we started yelling. I ran towards the gas cylinder to turn it off but my attempt fuelled it instead. Hopelessly, my friend yelled, “Mamu Mamu”, and aunty came up running. Shockingly and angrily, she lifted the pan and put it in the basis and opened the tap to water it. The fire had reached till the cupboards, and I still remember how we were shivering and shouting with fear. Luckily, it was over and no damaged was done. Phew, being absent-minded can be seriously dangerous at times!


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