3 Mistakes of My Life: Saruk Tamrakar

A familiar name and a familiar face: Saruk Tamrakar. This humble lad is the recent hot cake as the 2017 release Raani is keeping him in the spotlight.
  1. Not studying what I love

After SLC, wider options for higher studies pushed me in dilemma. I had wanted to take a year to decide what I really wanted to do, but my tuition teacher suggested me to study engineering, and my parents suggested me to study management. But by this time, I had developed an interest in music and films.

I had a short time to decide what I wanted to do. On top of it, I had no friends that shared similar interest. So, I studied business. But in the final year, I came to know about Oscar Academy and Kathmandu University School of Arts. I was in dilemma once again; however, I decided to complete my higher studies in business. If I have had joined one of these colleges, my life would have been totally different.

Nevertheless, I bought myself a camera and spent my time learning and practising photography. After graduating, I’m still doing what I want to. It was a mistake, but I do not regret.

  1. Not continuing making music

During my college days, I had a garage band; I being on guitars. We had some originals, and we used to perform in every college programs. I used to spend many hours just practising a single song. But today, I hardly hold my guitar, and this happened after love for photography and filmmaking developed in me. If we have had continued, we could have been making originals still.

  1. Not following my dad’s advice seriously

Since my father is very close to Nepali film fraternity, he always saw potentials of becoming an actor in me. Thus, he admitted me in classes that instructed karate and dances. But I was too lazy even to strike a punch and shy enough to take a dance step. Well, these things would have come in hand if I have had followed my dad’s advice.