Ashesh and Nekhvam pleading for a change

As the elections of Provincial Assembly and House of Representatives are scheduled for November 26 and December 7, the pioneer blues/rock band releases the video of ‘Bachna Deu’, and pleads people to rethink before casting their votes.

One day, I was going back home from work. At a junction on my way, some police personnel alighted from a police van and brandished their lathis to charge on me. Seeing this, I was utterly trembled and shouted out loud. In a jiffy, I showed my camera to them and introduced myself as a photojournalist. The police personnel then hammered their lathis on the ground instead of resorting to lathicharge on me.

I encountered this terrifying incident one day during Jana Andolan in 2006 when one of the major agitating political parties had enforced an ‘operation black out’. Thank God, I was a media person working in a reputed media organisation. Right after reaching home, I penned the song ‘Bachna Deu’ to synopsize the then tumultuous situation of the nation.

— Ashesh Dangol, Ashesh and Nekhvam

Ashesh Dangol, the rock musician who had abstracted the then situation of the people’s war for the song ‘Bacha Deu’, has finally come up with its music video, after a decade though.

The video of the song exhibits the turmoil and tensions that people of Nepal had gone through in the last 10 years. The art of montage has presented visuals of demonstrations staged by agitators during people’s war, along with destruction brought by 2015 Earthquake and humanitarian crisis induced by economic embargo that was unofficially imposed by neighboring country India.

In an interview with WAVE, Dangol explains, “For video of the song, I had collected already published and broadcasted pictures and videos that elucidate the then situation of Nepal. Besides daily hustle and bustle of the country’s life, the video shows the people’s agitation during the civil war, tears spilled by millions in the aftermath of 2015 Earthquake and the humanitarian crisis seen during 2015 Nepal Blockade.”

Ashesh, the founder and director of the bands ‘Ashesh and Nekhvam’ and ‘Nekhvam’—had worked for three years to complete the video, and believes today as the perfect day to release the video since the elections of Provincial Assembly and House of Representatives are nearing.

Dangol clarifies, “I believe the video will help people to rethink. Too much is too much; and now, we need to bring a big change in the country. The message from the song can bring change and create wider awareness among the country’s population.”

Also quoted as ‘Himalayan Hendrix’ for his technical impersonation of Jimi Hendrix—especially in Germany and Norway—Dangol has led his band to release five commercially successful studio albums—Free Spirit (2004), Free Spirit II (2008), New Spirit (2010), Bachna Deu (2016) and Life to Live on (2016)—which had decorated the 23-year-old band with various national and international awards: awards conferred by ‘Hits FM Music Award’ and ‘Colorado Music Business Organization Awards’ to name a few.

Last day of the People’s Movement-II in 2006.
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