A new web series with a new cast and a new concept

Web series has been trending on YouTube all over the world, and Nepal is of no exception. Among many YouTube channels and production houses, Ur Style TV Network is probably known to many individuals as the popular network to start this trend. In the recent past, the production house had won hearts of many with its web series ‘Wrong Time’, but now, this company is releasing its new web series ‘BAAJI’, a presentation of Divine Wine.

Web series is the latest trend, and if you’re waiting for something new, ‘BAAJI’ is her for you. The web series essays a story of love, thrill, and romance where you’ll be following a love thrill between a supermodel and a businessman amidst many twists and turns in the plot.

The director Nitin Chand says, “Today, there are many amazing web series being webcast from YouTube, and talented people and filmmakers are being born every day who are coming up with their breathtaking ideas. I really feel blesses to be working with them. This proves that our industry is growing and developing at the same time.”

The female star of the web series is Nirjala Khanal, the cute and charming beauty who is all set to multiply the number of her fans with her acting skills. At a very young age of 17, she was already a renowned Radio Jockey at Hits FM, and with ‘BAAJI’, she is taking a big leap in her career with this unexpected professional shift.


“It is a challenging job for an individual to stand out among these talents. It is like trying to break an iceberg with a toothpick. Anyway, I will be doing my best.” —Nitin Chand, the Director

“Being an RJ is different from being an actress, and with an amazing team, I hope everything will turn out good,” says Khanal.

Now, Asif Shahi a.k.a Beyond has fronted the web series as the male protagonist.

Shahi, who had joined Ur Style TV Network as a music director, is also a talented singer who has lent his voice in many songs and have even composed songs, including ‘Maya Basyo Hai’, ‘Sarara’, ‘Maya Baiguni’, and others. Moreover, Shahi is a passionate actor and has involved in writing comedy stories, and his work as a writer for much sweet and comedy series have pushed him to go for acting as well. With training and encouragement from the director, Shahi is doing his best with his acting skills to create a new story of his life.

­­This is it for now, but if you want to know about BAAJI a little more, do subscribe YouTube channel ‘Ur Style TV Network’, and stay ‘Happy’.


A new web series with a new cast and a new conceptBAAJI