Breaking to the Top


On October 8 and 9, the Covered Hall in Dashrath Rangasala reverberated to the sound of the stereo as DJ Abel played the beats. The hall was huge and had many seats for spectators but the crowd formed around the cypher in the middle of the hall where the breakers battled. Distinguished guests sat on a raised platform with
shiny trophies a couple of meters away from centre stage.


On one side of the hall, graffiti artists from NKG (Nepali Graffiti Kings) created the R16 Championship art. On the other end towards the entrance was a stall selling hip-hop t-shirts, a flex to tag yourself and a big banner of Break Station covering the BREAKing news.

With proper match-ups, breakers were aggressive in battle and congenial after the game. Judged by Bboy Choco, Bboy Gonza and Bboy Spize from Thailand, the ‘1 on 1’ battle victor of the R16 Nepal 2018 was Bboy TrickyTricks from Everest Crew who will be representing Nepal in the R16 World Finals in Taiwan. Nepal Breakin Championship 2018 went ahead with the ‘5 on 5 Breaking Battle’ with ‘Lets Break’ consisting of Bboy Gunda, Bboy Kaneki, Bboy Leka, Bboy LiteRay and Bboy Rayan, beating Migrating Lions to win the cash prize for the breaking battle. The championship was organised by Nepal Breakin and Dance Sports Association.