Committing to Preserve Heritage


Text by Sonam Dolma Sherpa

Anita Dangol, a 20 year old student of ‘Bachelors in Social Work’, bagged the title of ‘Miss Heritage Ambassador 2016’, during the Miss Newa Icon Pageant 2016, held on the June 25.

“I didn’t win the title of the icon but I am prouder to be the title-holder of Miss Heritage Ambassador,” expresses Dongol, explaining, “It has made me stronger not only to deal with people who disrespect cultural heritage sites but also to create awareness among the people regarding importance of those heritage sites.”

Dongol who believes that doing something good for the preservation of one’s culture and heritage is a form of social work, hopes to learn a lot as she now has the duty to preserve and promote her heritage. “My victory with the title has pushed me nearer to my dream of preserving heritage,” says Dongol.

Responding to the question why holding such pageant is important, Dongol replies, “Young people of today have become shameful to speak using their first language, and they do not know much about their culture and tradition,” adding, “People of our generation has forgotten the beauty of ancestral traditions, and haven’t inherited the pure teachings of our forefathers,” and believes that pageants like these will provide a platform to young people to get closer to their core culture.

“I hope more pageants like these will be providing opportunities to more young people in coming years,” hopes Dongol.

Anita DongolMiss Heritage Ambassador 2016