Transformation is Possible

Text by : Shrisha Nepal
Photo by : Arjun Shah
Location : Shapes 2

Picture of Prashraya after workout

“As I was unsatisfied with my over weighing body for long, I joined Shapes gym. First week at the gym was tough; my stamina was less and picking up weights was difficult for me. As I didn’t seem to be doing anything correctly, I started to work out under the guidance of my personal trainer, and I noticed a lot of positive changes.

He was a motivator, persuader and a supporter, and brought out best out of me. As a disciplined and dedicated student, I never cheatedon workouts and diet plans. I remained focused and consistent despite having sore body.

Being a food-a-holic, controlling my food instincts was difficult. Fried were compulsion on the table. But when I understood the importance of eating healthy food under his guidance, and my food habit got healthier.

Changes do not happen overnight, so, you need to be focused, consistent and motivated because you are the main actor for yourself. Joining the gym is not a vacation, it is a commitment to yourself instead.

If you lack inspiration, find someone who inspires you. Personally, I follow many fitness trainers, and their stories inspire me. To clear out confusions, I consult my personal trainer for further insights who corrects me, and make my training more effective.”


“Workouts become more effective with intake of whey protein, the supplement that helps absorb protein from meals, and digest food better.”

Picture of Prashraya before workout


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