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Text by Abhinav Das Shrestha
Challenging but extremely fun to ride, hoverboards can be quite tough to get the hang of, but once you master on them, you can seamlessly ride it, as if an extension of yourself. Although ‘Self-balancing scooters’ is much more accurate term, the toy known as ‘hoverboards’ have caught on so well that it has become the unofficial designated name, thanks to the pop culture. These hoverboards do not actually levitate above the ground ̶ however that would have been immensely cool ̶ instead, they use wheels that roll across the ground. A little lame ‘yes’ but they definitely beat skateboards and roller-skates in terms of riding fun ̶ minus the cool skate tricks and the culture.


The cool new toy

Functioning Modality
Hoverboards are two-wheeled motorized gadgets that look and work like miniature Segways, minus the handlebars, and move by detecting subtle movements of your feet and legs. They begin moving when you lean forward and stop and roll reverse when you lean back.

The pressure-sensitive footpads for each foot controls the speed, and allow the rider to steer the feet. The footpads are sensitive; thus, as soon as a rider step on the board, it begins to move at the immediate effect, making it tricky to mount and dismount.

Because there are no handles to steady yourself, getting your balance can be tough but it’s easy to fall off the board while getting used to it. Usually only 10-15 minutes of practice is sufficient to adjust your body balance to get hold of it.

Safety first
Although these aren’t the speediest motor gadgets, Hoverboards can run in a maximum speed of around 10-15 km/hr; thus, wearing a helmet is still a virtue because there are always risk of sustaining substantial injuries like sprains, fractures and wounds. Wearing proper safety gears, including helmets, knee pads, elbow pads and wrist guards is a must.

It takes about 2 hours to completely charge its batteries, and although some boast of a total of 15-20 km mileage with a one-time full charge, Hoverboards give a mileage of about 7 to 10 kms per charge. Overcharging the device should be avoided because the device is prone to overheat, and combusting and exploding of the device have been often reported. This shall not be an issue if you take caution.

Happy Hours, Durbarmarg, Kathmandu
Hoverboards available in 6.5 inch and 8 inch models.
Segways available in 10 inch models.

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