Lovechild: The Class 9 Project debuts

Maybe 19-year-olds can be heard covering a popular song on Soundcloud but coming out with an album in their teens is a feat many wouldn’t even think about. The Class 9 Project band duo of Angel Upadhyay and Pragyan Subedi have come out with their debut album ‘Lovechild’, releasing it on June 23, 2017 with 5 eccentric short and sweet songs.

We caught up with the duo to ask them about the band, their album and what lies ahead.

How and when did ‘The Class 9 Project’ came into formation?

Both of us although being from the same school, never knew each other personally until we shared the same section in grade 9. The following 6 days a week meet for an extensive 2 years time was enough to get us into music together and back then, we even shared a hostel room at one point.

However, for further education, we enrolled in different high schools and it was after the completion of our high school years that we decided to form a solid duo and named ourselves ‘The Class 9 Project’ for our will to complete the musical ‘project’ that we had been working on since our school years. The duo was officially formed back in the December of 2015.

What is the album ‘Lovechild’ about?

The ‘Lovechild’ album is our collection of personal stories and experiences presented in an intricate way of story-telling.

Is it more of Angel’s story or Pragyan’s?

All of the songs were written by Pragyan so the lyrics are more bent up towards his take on the experiences that are narrated by the songs. However, the songs relate to both members on a personal level.

What does the album mean to you?

The album being a milestone for our young age of 19, means a lot to us. Over the days of recording and releasing the EP, we used to be tuckered out by the night and by getting rewarded with good nights of sleep at the end of each day, the album has really taught us of how it feels being satisfied with your own work.

Lovechild by the Class 9 Project album cover

Any reason why you have included sketches for the CD art and it’s almost all white?

We had entered the studio with the thought of making a fully acoustic album; no keys, no drums, no nothing. Our main idea of the music we wanted to play revolved around the lyrics that depicted only the purest as well as honest forms of our emotions. So yeah, no different shades of colours could depict what we had in mind at that time than the simple white and black contrast; nothing too fancy, yet still captivating enough to keep the viewer engaged. We also can’t stop repeating how grateful we are for our friend, Merishna Singh Suwal, to have made the album cover right off our imagination.

How much time did it take to record the album?

We spent an entire month recording the album.

Where is the album available?

The album is currently up for home delivery around Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Bhaktapur. Anybody willing to buy it can fill the form at and get their copy at their doorsteps. The songs will be up on major digital music stores soon.

Anything else you have in plan? A tour? Promos? More recordings? New releases sometime soon?

We are currently working on making music videos for the songs as well as writing new songs for our next album which will consist of 10+ new songs. Also, we will be playing at random places with 24-hour pre-show notices so it might be a good idea to follow us up on our social medias.






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