MY 3 Mistakes – Diya Maskey

Text by Sonam Dolma Sherpa


I was never serious about my studies. My two elder siblings passed their SLC with good grades, and enrolled in amazing colleges. But I passed under second division. If I could rewind my life, I would have put in an extra effort in my studies. But in a way, the mistake led me to pursue my career in acting, with which I am very happy.

”when very young, I was had stolen some money from my mother’s room. When she asked about it, I lied. Following the incident, my father slapped our domestic helper. I was a coward, and let the poor kid suffer for my mistake. Years later, when I admitted it to my mother, she was very disappointed. If I ever get a chance to meet the guy, I would not leave without apologizing, “Sorry for letting you suffer for my mistake; I wasn’t brave enough to confess at that moment”.

This is a funny one. I was 8 years old, and I was selected to be one among the child dancers for the song ‘Jun Ta Lagyo Tara Le’, for the movie ‘Dui Thopa Aasu’. The shooting was scheduled on a cold winter evening at Bhrikuti Mandap, and the choreography of the dance required us to dance along the edge of a small pond. One of the technicians lost his balance, and while preventing himself to slip into the pond, he caught my hand trying to take my support. Instead of strengthening my support, I pushed him into the pond as I was not wishing to slip along with him. Later, I remained regretful when I learnt that he suffered from an acute flu following the incident.

Message to the youth:

Always be brave to commit your mistakes. Don’t lie, and never let anyone else pay the price for your wrongdoings. Feeling of staying regretful is painful than any other forms of pain because you will be carrying it for the rest of your life. Besides, never deprioritise your studies even if studying pushes you into boredom.



Diya MaskeyMy 3 Mistakes