My 3 Mistakes – Rishi Dhamala

Text by Sonam Dolma Sherpa
Photo by Arwind Chettri

1 I started working as a journalist at a very young age. I stepped into journalism by interviewing Dr. Krishna Prasad Bhattarai right after the people’s movement in 2046 B.S. Since I was only 14, I had a little knowledge about journalism. I was keen in politics as well, and for which, I have been kept behind bars many times. Now, I realize that stepping into two boats at the same time was my first mistake. I should have chosen one between the two.

2 Not prioritising my education was my second mistake. In 2048 B.S., I completed SLC, after which, I joined People’s College only to quit studying all together. The then Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala had offered me a full scholarship for my further studies but I rejected the offer. I thought I didn’t want to be a book worm rather I wanted to explore the practicalities of life.

3 Though I am very happy with the company I have today, I consider marrying late in my life was my third mistake. I was always focused in my work and the world around me.


Message to the youth

I’ve always believed that we are all human and we are bound to commit mistakes. Nonetheless, realization of the mistake is the trait of a great personality. But you should not repeat the same mistake; rather you should learn lesson from it. Besides, I would like to suggest young journalists to be hardworking, studious, disciplined, self-confident and respectful.


About the Confessor:

Rishi Dhamala is a popular Nepali journalist, and the founder and chairperson of the Reporter’s Club Nepal.

My 3 MistakesRIshi Dhamala