Reggae and Ska Festival

Saturday, December 23, 2017, Kathmandu.

The final evening of the First Kathmandu Reggae and Ska Festival concluded yesterday at Purple Haze Rock Bar in Thamel. The festival, which was divided into 3 Saturdays starting from December 9, was concluded in a grand fashion with performances from Cultivation and the Himalions, Joint Family Internationale and Ka! Zuki JJ.

The evening, as well as the entire Reggae and Ska Festival, provided the Kathmandu public with an opportunity to enjoy live Reggae music and experience the unique feel of the genre. The audience seemed to enjoy all the performances, dancing and singing along with the bands, who performed a mix of English and Nepali songs. Even during the band changes, which is probably the most boring part of a concert, the crowd was entertained by Australian DJ Mama Disquo Vinyl, playing her usual mix of reggae and ska music.

The evening captured the essence of the Reggae genre and brought to light that people in Kathmandu have a varied taste in music and that there are many people in the city who like this particular genre of music.