The Girl Gone Glossy

Photos By Satyan Shrestha

By Lisa Shrestha

Glossy make-up and wet hair are ongoing trends these days. From runway shows to magazines, red carpets and our Instagram feeds, the trend is taking the usual glow up a notch. This time, WAVE collaborated with Lashes Makeup Studio, and our writer Rooneshma Shrestha turned into a glossy-looking angel.


The answer to this glossy look is to embrace the gloss without going overboard. By all means, we tried to have fun and tried out the trend while it’s here, along with maintaining some sort of balance.


  1. Make-up artist Tsheringma Sherpa applied face serum all over Roneeshma’s face and sunscreen with a protection factor 50++.


  1. In order to even out the skin tone, Sherpa dabbed some base which was a shade darker than Roneeshma’s skin tone and concealed the areas where more coverage was needed. She then bronzed the skin without adding any texture, keeping the skin look very dewy.


  1. A nude lid, topped with gloss, is the perfect option for an elegant look that does not require much work. So, a nude eyeshadow was applied. The make-up artist finished up by blending a thin layer of Fx liquid bronzer over the nude eyeshadow, making her eye look sexy and seductive. She also brushed the eyebrows with the glossier brow brush.


  1. A glossy lip is sexy and alluring when done right. It helps to enhance the shape and size of the lips while not looking overly done. To create the glossy lips, Tsheringma filled the lips in nude colour and sealed it all with a generous amount of translucent lip gloss.


  1. In order to finish it all off, a touch of flush on the cheeks, Tsheringma used liquid gloss and sprayed the dewy setting spray all over until she got glossy and gleaming perfection. The finish was a dewy, fresh, and youthful look.
  2. In order to give a touch of flush on the cheeks, the make-up artist used liquid glow and sprayed the dewy setting spray all over until she reached glowy, gleaming perfection. The finish was a dewy, fresh and youthful look.
  3. To achieve sleek and shiny wet hair, while also hitting that spot between casual and glam, the hair was given a wet look and brushed backward and shaped to fit the face structure.



About Lashes Makeup Studio

Founded in 2017 by Jyoti Limbu, Lashes Makeup Studio, located in the Lazimpat, Kathmandu, specializes in flawless makeup, haircuts, coloring, facial, manicure, pedicure, treatments, special event up-dos, piercings, tattoos and many more. Whether you’re looking for an outrageous change or a simple one, the skilled professionals at the studio will tune their techniques to fit your style.

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