Transformation is Possible

Swaggering with a toned body is dream among many but not all keep their hearts, souls and energy to achieve it, bevlieving the journey of transforming bodies to be the toughest. But this is not true. To verify our verdict, read out how fitness freaks Sandhya Shrestha, Prashraya Man Tuladhar, BipashiTuladhar and RolishaSthapit lost over 10 kilos within few months of time.


“Despite hitting gyms and trying slimming products for months, I weighed 85 kilos. I thought it was impossible for me to get back in shape. As another attempt, I joined Shapes Gym. Lo and behold, I learnt why I was not losing my weight.

Actually, eating momos and oily foods were one of many reasons behind my failure. I used to start my day with a mug of coffee, and moments before working out, I used to eat everything I craved for, be it oily or unhealthy.

With guidance from my personal trainer, I not only learnt the necessity of changing my unhealthy eating habit but followed it despite being tough. I remember dipping my home-made ‘chicken chilly’ in a glass of hot water and taking a bite of it. But slowly, I controlled my cravings, and now, I feel guilty if I eat something unhealthy for my body.

Earlier, I used to cheat my counts but under his guidance, I started to do full sets of my workouts. I took supplements under his suggestion that helped me to work out better. It seems like a dream but I was able to lose 20 kilos within a year. Today, I feel I can do anything.”

“Sweating alone does not help, changing food habit is equally important to lose weight.”

Suggestions for gym-goers

  • Avoid egg yolks because they contain cholesterol and saturated fat, instead have at least 5 egg whites a day.
  • Banana contains potassium which strengthens your muscles, and prevent cramps. Eating banana before 2 pm is considered good for gym-goers. Up to 2 bananas per day is good for health.
  • Carbohydrate should be avoided for dinner. As the body doesn’t use it, it gets stored as fat in the body.
  • A good meal and supplements should be taken before working out as the body requires more energy.
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