Tumbleweed Inc. in Anyol

Tumbleweed Inc. has moved on from the rage against the system to raving about an individual’s state of confusion with their latest album ‘Anyol’. Text by - Abish Shakya | Photo - Bibek Puri

They led the march once again with their iconic megaphone and high gain distortion, inducing mosh pits, while also toning down to be subtle for the soft headbangers. In their latest album ‘Anyol’, tracks such as ‘Satyako Sarbanassh’, ‘Cosmic Ride’ and ‘Terra Incognita’ are atomic, while they’ve also got groovy, bit progressive, and funky with their songs ‘Graha’, ‘Ma.Pa.Se’, and ‘Anyol’. Explaining the newly-released album which is less heavy than the band’s debut album, the bassist Prashant Maharjan puts in, “’Anyol’ is a minimalistic album which we have brought together with demos we’ve had composed in our jam sessions over the span of three years. The album was recorded at Anil Studios, Bafal, in only five days.”

Though the theme of the album is different, the band has continued rendering their rebellious nature with an added concept of elucidating their battle with confusion. The album’s art blanketed with dual faces looking at different direction was created by James Khati which further emphasises on the core concept of an individual’s inability to comprehend life’s inconveniences such as frustration, rejection, and the mundane nature of life.

The funk metal group, brought together by the guitar legend Sarad Shrestha in 2012, might have received criticism at its genesis, but half-a-decade down the line, they brought the dirge to the genre and lay to rest the arguments of the radical categories of the past. Though blending metal with rap and funk didn’t sound duly rock n’ roll in its inception, Tumbleweed Inc. is, no doubt, one of the most respected bands; hailed by elite rock musicians and melomaniacs. “Everything gets criticised at the beginning. It takes time to grasp a new concept,” says band manager Suyash Rajbhandari.

Only three years since their explosive debut with their album ‘Parichaya’ in 2014, Tumbleweed Inc.’s second album ‘Anyol’ was released on their Nepal-wide tour starting from October. The ‘Anyol Tour’ was organised by Live & Loud, and supported by Tarang Entertainment. Besides the road transportation services, it was pretty much a DIY tour as it took place without sponsors. Tumbleweed Inc. managed it all by contacting local event organisers and performed in a total of nine cities: Pokhara, Butwal, Bhairawaha, Chitwan, Itahari, Damak, Dharan, Banepa, closing it in Kathmandu.

While the band hadn’t expected their heavy music to be popular in various locations outside Kathmandu, unexpected places like Chitwan and Dharan showed enormous participatory crowds. “We were surprised to see the crowd in Itahari singing the song ‘Graha’ along with us. The song was released only a short time ago,” recollects Shrestha, “Along with artists like Jacko Wacko and extreme metal bands, local bands gave impressive opening. Aatma, a local band of Chitwan, even covered our high-intensity anthem ‘Geda’.”

Recalling the tour, Rajbhandari says, “All the band’s merchandises were sold. Despite all the setbacks of not having a sponsor, we’re really glad of the outcome of the tour. The unanticipated appreciation from our audience has overwhelmed us and has made us feel worthy of taking the risk of hitting the

Not only in the domestic market spheroid of music, Tumbleweed Inc. has received positive feedback from countries like US, UK, and Japan. The band is more than the dynamic guitar hero Sarad Shrestha, but it is a collective effort of the band that puts together such great shows, putting passion and aggressiveness in the crowd.

For Tumbleweed Inc., the entire journey of the album ‘Anyol’ was a state of anyol (confusion), but despite all the ups and downs, they’ve come out with yet another cracking album. If you haven’t heard their song yet, music videos of ‘Graha’, ‘Naya Shrishti’ and ‘Cosmic Ride’ can be found on YouTube. If you haven’t got a CD yet, they’re available online on popular online platforms such as Amazon, Google Play, Spotify, Bandcamp and iTunes.


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