Vespa for those in Style!

What would one look for in their rides?

For me, it would have to be the looks; something that would reflect my style and make people turn their heads towards me as I pass by. The speed; how it would allow me to go for an adventure, and help chase new dreams. The comfort; how safe it would make me feel as I start my journey every day.

All of these features, with more others, are what you would find in ‘Vespa’.

With 12 different color choices and a classy aluminum body, Vespa is for those in style. It grants option to easily customize in any color you want, as the line suggests, “Make your Vespa as you can!”

The 150 cc Vespa engine promises a fun ride every time you get on the road. Comfortably racing to a speed of 100 km/hour, and coming to an easy rest in a flash is what is fascinating. Bigger tubeless tires allow stability and improved displacement.

Valuing the safety factor, Vespa has installed a 200 mm Ventilated front disk brake. Along with that, the wide tubeless tires and single arm suspension allow smooth running and favors security of the riders. The link spring mechanism between the engine and frame caters amazing balance. The firm torque offers low speed balance, accurate steering and high speed stability.

Engine stability and sustainability are promised. With three-valve engine that takes oxygen from the two and exhaust from one, the engine health stays maintained. Likewise, its 155 mm ground clearance is perfect for the bumpy roads of Nepal.

Vespa targets three Fs i.e. Fun, Fashion, Friends, making it the coolest ride one can own!

“Being my first time on Vespa, it successfully dazzled me. The pick-up, the features of the side light, the speed it takes and the grip it has were all very impressive to me,” says Barsha Basnet, a stunter, who adds, “Being a stunt rider, I need to perform stunts any time and Vespa would allow me to do that.”

For Basnet, the looks of Vespa suits her fashion sense, and combination of comfort and adventure turn its charm over her. She says, “The 8 liter fuel tank capacity would be perfect for traveling efficiently. In fact, I am thinking of buying a Vespa myself. Vespa is not merely a good purchase but an investment.”

Just one question now: Do you Vespa?

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