Written by: Rajat Shrestha
Photos by Bibek Puri

Aprilia SR 150 was launched in Nepal more one year ago, but the stylish ‘racing scooter” is still an anomaly in the two-wheeler industry.

Nepal has always been a two-wheeler loving country but is divided over whether to choose the comfort of the scooter or the performance of a motor-bike. This is why the Aprilia SR 150 is in a class of its own because although technically a scooter, its performance and specifications are comparable with any motor bike in the 150cc category.

Aprilia is a famous automaker based in Italy, who is renowned for their high-performance sports bikes. The SR 150 from this manufacturer is called a cross-over; designed with the comfort and ergonomics similar to scooters but performance that can rival motor bikes in the same engine category.

The 150cc engine not only sounds like a bike but also enables the SR 150 to compete with any motor bike in the same class, in terms of speed and performance; while the scoter like design allows the SR 150 to have an under seat storage with USB and bag hook to keep belongings safe in the front.


Inspired by Aprilia’s sportsbikes, the SR 150 looks like it is built for the race tracks. The rigid steel frame of the body is aerodynamically crafted for safety and stability. The 14-inch tyre size is bigger than any other scoter, and its 120mm width makes them comparable with any 150cc motor bikes out in the market. Capable of reaching speeds to over 100kmph, the aerodynamic design ensures that the SR 150 is still stable at such high speeds. While other scooters cannot handle these speeds without shaking violently, Aprilia’s secret for high-speed manoeuvring is a good weight to power ratio.

Its 160mm ground clearance makes it ideal for the bumpy roads of Kathmandu. The ride is comforted with a hydraulic telescopic front fork suspension and a single arm rear suspension. The whole thing is supported by the 220mm ventilated front disc brake with twin-piston callipers and a 140mm rear drum brake for instant and controlled braking.

The Italians are renowned for producing beautiful and elegant machines, and this trait is not lost with the SR 150. It has a twin-pod analogue unit for the speedometer, fuel gauge, and odometer. The distinct sporty handlebar has the turn indicators integrated into it. It has a double barrel headlight unit for wider visibility and also has passing lights, which are hard to find in other scooters. The SR 150 also has a 6.5-litre fuel tank, which is more than most scooters and comfortable leather seats.

Senior marketing officer Sunil Chaudhary says that the SR 150 is a great option for off-road travels. The SR 150 has been through the rough terrain and reached Upper Mustang on two separate occasions. Even after such a harrowing trip that can leave cars stranded, the SR 150 required no special servicing or maintenance afterwards.

He adds that although of Italian decent and design, the spare parts are easily available and are not expensive despite the foreign aspect to the vehicle. Chaudhary ensured the quality of the SR 150 by stating the fact that it has won a host of awards in India, including being named ‘India’s Scooter of the Year’, and there has been a great response in Nepal, with over 800 units sold in just one year.

The Aprilia SR 150 is available in two colours: white and black. However, there is also a race edition available, with red and green graphics. Apart from the colour, the race edition is a little quicker, capable of accelerating from 0 to 60kmph in only 5.6 seconds compared to the normal edition’s acceleration 0-60kmph in 6 seconds. Basically, the race edition has a better initial pick up; RS-GP inspired styling.

The Aprilia SR 150 is available in all Vespa showrooms starting at a price of Rs 254,900.


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