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Interviewed by Roneeshma Shrestha

There’s something enchanting and fascinating about night life which can’t be explained. Everything—ambiance and illuminations—is so gleaming and attractive that it inevitably lights up one’s mood.

Talking about night life, lights and ambience, aren’t rock bars/pubs and dance clubs the first thing that comes in your mind? Well, you may be the one who prefers to hit a rock bar and relish the soothing live music with a beer in your hand and buddies by your sides. Or maybe you prefer the other way around. You may like to dance with music so loud that you can feel it overriding your heartbeat and echoing throughout your body.

Well, different nature, different preferences! Some may find clubs animalistic, sweaty and noisy whereas some might find pubs and bars boring and lifeless. To find out what people prefer out of the two, WAVE magazine went through a short chat with few people!

Rock Bars/Pubs:

Rusal Tuladhar

Bars have a better aura in compared to dance clubs. One of the plus point if that you get to have food in bars. When you’re a bit tipsy, all you want is a little snack or a full-blown mean which you wouldn’t get in a club. Apart from that, lights, temperature and everything about pubs is pleasant. In clubs, starting a conversation is nearly impossible. One has to shout at the other, sound uncivilised and then, end up losing your voice the


Nikhil Gurung




I’m not really much of an outgoing person, and it’s not like I’m completely against the other, but I prefer rock bars because rock bars are usually peaceful. People in dance clubs have a tendency to throw punches or get into a squabble with random strangers over some ridiculous reason.




Prarambha Dahal

I prefer bars because I like my liquor with a subtle heat in the background. The words and the rhythm play to my inebriation. Purple Haze and Busy Bee are the bars I mostly go to. Besides, in bars, you’d meet people and develop a good connection. I’ve met many foreigners with a similar music preference, and they’ve been friends till date.



Simran Gorkhali

I love rock bars because rock music has always been my favourite genre. Well, listening to rock songs on records is good, but it is often better when it’s live because a rock is moved by inspiration and improvisation. One of my favourite rock bars is Purple Haze, and an unforgettable moment at the bar was during 1974 AD’s mesmeric performance where everyone was captivated to the music, singing ‘Parelima’. The ambience in rock bars is just wow!


Subven Malla

Well, I have a million reasons why I’d prefer pubs over clubs. To mention a few, pubs are not that noisy, and one can have a conversation with someone. Moreover, there’s no hierarchy in bars, meaning there aren’t VIP sections, so, everyone is equal. Whereas, I feel clubs are filled with rants and tantrums. Your night wouldn’t start at midnight in clubs, whereas you could chow up before 4 in the afternoon in bars. Lastly, the vibe, ambience and booze are perfect in bars: a perfect way to chillax!



Aabhiskar KC

It’s pretty difficult to choose either one of them because it really depends on my mood or even where my friends want to go; plus, no one really go to these places alone. So, when I really want to enjoy good music with good food, then I’d prefer going bars. But there are times when you feel like dancing crazily with your friends to loud music. There are days when you’d feel like moving your body to the rhythm until five in the morning. That’s when I prefer going to clubs. But if I were given a condition to choose between the two, then I’d probably go with ‘bars’ because I myself go gigs.


Dance Clubs:

Kaustubh Jonchhe
Kaustubh Jonchhe

In a club, dancing is necessary, but dancing is not everyone’s cup of tea. Even I’m not someone who can match the footsteps to the music. So, it would be easy for me to sit down and listen to good music which happens in a pub. But then, you’d miss all the crazy activities that happen only in a club. To be honest, all the memories that I’ve treasured are mainly the incidents that had occurred in clubs. I can’t forget the times when my friends had made a huge fool out of themselves after having a couple of drinks, then dancing with complete strangers, tripping, falling down, and what not? For these reasons, I’d always prefer going to clubs. What you see there is just CRAZZZZYYY!


Sophie Pradhan

I’d love clubbing without a second thought because, in a club, I can dance freely, savouring the moment, forgetting all the stress and piles of work I gotta do. It’s like you’re living your life to the fullest, being carefree of what comes next and just cherishing and making unforgettable memories. I can’t forget all the crazy memories I’ve made with my friends in the club as well as while returning back from the club. Be it squashing 12 people in an eight-seater jeep or making fun of my drunken friends. Everything that happens in a club is impossible to forget.

Sanij Shakya


I prefer dance clubs over bars because of its vibes. In a club, even lights and music set the mood, and I’d become a carefree person because there wouldn’t be anyone to adjudge how I dance. Without being adjudged, everyone enjoys their own ways.


Depson Shakya


I love clubs as most of us who aren’t really a ‘dancer’ would look silly while showcasing our moves; so, it’s more like laughing and mocking your friends when you go to a club. You’d meet new people, and you don’t even need to say ‘hi’, an eye contact while you’re dancing will just do the trick. Plus, a little pint of alcohol brings the required carefreeness and courage to dance even wildly. And yes, if you’re lucky, you might get a kiss from a total stranger in a club.

Eva Shrestha


I’ve always been passionate when it comes to dancing, and especially in a club, I feel that you can dance your heart out without having to do the perfect steps. You’re stress-free, chilled out, and all you do is feel the music and the atmosphere. Well, it’s always fun getting dolled up with my girls for a girls’ night out.

Aarya Shrestha


Firstly, everything out there is lit! Glorified lounges with dance floors, DJ and the lights, everything gives a fun, untroubled, and blithe vibe. You just lose yourself in it and dance nonstop. Bars are fun too, but I think if you want to be wholly carefree and just have fun, clubs it is. Plus, to all the lazy people who’ve been promising to hit the gym, you lose a lot of calories in a club!


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