‘Batti Deuta’ by Joint Family International

244 ISSUE 2016, Know Your Song, Joint Family International, WAVE Magazine

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“Nepal, a third world country, has lot of problems, such as load shedding, water shortage, unmanaged roads, corrupt politicians and much more. Apart from that, hilarious superstitious beliefs are aplenty among its denizens, who worship stones, and sacrifice animals hoping to get their wishes fulfilled. ‘Batti Deuta’ is basically a satirical song about the conditions of Nepal where Nepalese live in.

I own ‘House of Music’, a bar in Thamel, where live music entertains its customers every Friday. Load shedding has always affected the live music performances. You have some urgency but ‘no electricity’. Finally, you buy a generator, and there is a fuel shortage. Wow!!

So, with our politicians turning their deaf ears towards us, I thought, we had no option rather than start praying. In Nepal, we worship many gods, and we believed, there has to be a different god who will listen to us, and solve our problems. So, we prayed ‘Batti Deuta’ to solve electricity problem, and similarly, ‘Jal Deuta’ for water shortage, ‘Bato Deuta’ for road management, and ‘Buddi Deuta’ who will bless our politicians with some sense.”

As told to Sonam Dolma Sherpa by Sanjay Shrestha, the lyricist of the song.

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