Beauty loves


Text by Sonam Dolma Sherpa
Photos by Arwind Chhetri

“Always prioritise your education. Once, you are done with that, opportunities will kiss your steps. When you get a worthy opportunity, grab it and use it to the fullest. Never forget your roots, and never be ashamed of your culture, its traditions, creeds, norms and language because it is your identity. Last and not the least, never give up your dreams.”  ̶Urmila Tamang

Five essentials that I look in my dream boy

  • Must have a good sense of humour
  • Should be very sociable
  • Loyalty in him is a must
  • Should have an aim in life
  • Looks are always on primacy.

Urmila Tamang is Miss Tamang 2016. A graduate in Travel and Tourism, this beauty is the brand manager of CTV mobiles.

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