Becoming Sanjay


Photographed by Arjun Shah
Text by Sonam Dolma Sherpa
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Sanjay Gupta, a RJ, VJ, DJ, Emcee and now an actor, is truly a man of many words. With his never-dying dedication towards work, Gupta hasn’t missed any opportunity and has always accepted challenges that had fronted him.

Born in Naxal, Kathmandu, on 19th of October 1987, Gupta just turned 29 after the release of his debut movie Safar. When the ground-breaking reviews of Safar started hitting the air, WAVE knew that featuring this talented macho is a virtue.






Becoming Myself

Nickname :Kevin. My colleagues from the call centre still call me using the pseudonym.

What do you love about yourself : I love my hair because when I had long hair, everybody loved it .

Biggest rumor that you have heard about yourself : That I am a playboy.

Three qualities or habit about you that no one knows:

  • I don’t lie.
  • I watch one movie a day.
  • I reply back to the questions from majority of my fans on social media.

Part of your body that you hate the most: I would like to change my nose because its bit tilted. I had met with an accident lond before.

Fashion Fetish : Shoes

The last time you cried: 30th sep. I was watching a movie, and it had some sequences that reminded me of my previous relationship. Plus, she was sitting right beside me.

Your daily routine : My day starts with a super fat cup of black coffee and then, I make plans for the day. I make sure that I make my planning to work on time; be it meetings, radio or just chilling with friends or having a productive conversation.

Activities that you do not miss: Brushing teeth twice a day, learn a thing or two and working out at gym.

Becoming The Voice


 Before joining Kantipr FM, you had worked at a call centre. How did the job treat you ?

My 4 years long employment at the call centre transformed me to a person who I am today. I learnt to interact with people, deal with clients and develop a business mind. While others were not being able to make one sale in a week, I used to make a sale within 3 hours. It’s hard to believe but there was a time when I had a hundred people working under me.

If you were doing so well in a call centre, when and why did you think that you wanted to work at media?

I hadn’t planned to step into the media industry, it just happened. One day, after waking up in morning, I found an advertisement that read, “Do you want to be a RJ at Kantipur FM ?” Recalling all the compliments on my voice quality that I had received, my instant reply to myself was, “Why not?” Thus, I submitted my resume, and after 3 levels of interviews and may be 3 months of wait, I joined Kantipur FM. Subsequently, after 3 days of joining the station, I was ON AIR.

At, that time, you were much into motorcycle stunting and were associated with, are you still active in this regard?

From the year 2006 to 2009, I, being a motorcycle fanatic, led a group of motorcyle riders from all over Nepal. At that time, I used to contribute for At present, I am not associated with it in anyway due to my busy schedules with my work.

You are one of the few Radio Jockeys who earned fame within a short period of time, what do you think are the reasons behind ?

Well, I think my voice is the first reason. Second, I got a chance to work on a lot of good shows. I was dedicated as well because there was a time when I did a show that ran from midnight till 1 pm. I worked day in and out to make sure that people hear my voice. Social media and Television also helped me.

You have an ambition to become a pilot; why didn’t that happen?

Yes. Actually a very long time ago, I wanted to become a pilot but since life is full of surprises and disappointments, my dream didn’t work out.

What were the challanges you have faced while working as a RJ and VJ?

I was young, and I had made tons of mistakes. Although, I am very thankful that I had right people guiding me at the right time, the biggest challange for me was to be associated with these people and learning how to live through their expectations.

Why did you take a break from working as a VJ?

After working in televison for 3 and half years and anchoring over thousand episodes, I got tired of it. One fine day, I just thought I needed some time out, so I took a break. I just wanted to pursue my other dreams.

Are you planning to re-venture as a VJ?

I am thinking of appearing again as a VJ but the plan is not finalized yet. If my plan advances as thought, you’ll be seeing me in your television sets from with tracks from electronic genre. It is something I do for fun and not for money.


Becoming Nostalgic

You as a child: I was almost the opposite of what I am today. I was super shy who’d run everywhere doing naughty stuffs. Growing up, I was a nerd and I wasn’t smart in my studies but I was street smart who loved doing creative works.

Childhood habit that you still possess: I never lied in my childhood and the habit of always telling the truth stuck with me. For this, I am proud of myself.

Your aim in life back then: Actually, I never knew what i wanted to do with my life. When all my friends were sure on their ambitions, I never thought I’d found my dream.

Your best childhood friend: As I had to move a lot with my family, I barely had any friends from the neighbourhoods. All my friends happened to be from my school but I had limited numbers of friends. Growing up without any friends was hard on me, and there was a time when my old friend was me, myself.

Academic priorities: I studied software engineering in my pursuit for Bachelor’s degree. At that time, I was 17 and I was working from 10pm to 6am, thus had no enough time for going to college. Instead from the college, I learned a lot of work, professional circle, newspapers and Google, and that was all I needed. So, I thought to myself: what;s the point of studying and wasting so much time when I wasn’t even sure if I wanted to do something related to software? Thus, I quit studying.

Sanjay Gupta Cover Story

Becoming Gaurav


Are there any similariies between you and Gaurav (your character in Safar)?

Gaurav is a care-free, super-chilled dude who loves to hang out with his friends. On the contrary, he is also vey insecure about what he wants to do in his life. He is 30% of what I am and 70% of someone else. He is similar to me because we both are hopelessly romantic, and we love to hang out and chill. For me, the challanges was to be both pf the two at the same time, thus, this character was more interesting for me to carry.

You have debuted with movie Safa, how did you react when moviemakers first approached you with the offer?

When the producers approached me with the offer, I rejected. At that time I was in America for different purpos, and I wanted to chill for the remaining days. Plus, I had a handful of prohects lined up in Nepal. The moviemakers did not deter but again approache me with the offer, and I rejected second time too. The moviemakers then sent me the script of the movie which compelled me to change my mind.

How tough did you find acting was ?

I didn’t know the skills of acting and this was one of the reasons behind my first rejection to the offer. In the first five days of shooting for the movie, I made a complete fool of myself becausing having had worked in televisions for many years, I had a habit of looking at camera lens and it was hard for me to let the muscle memory go. But the director helped me a lot, and by the end of the shooting, i was doing my ‘takes’ in jiffy.


Memorable incidents while making of the movie.

On the first day of shooting, I made a complete fool out of myself because I didn’t know what I was doing. Watching me, one of my co-workers Shibir Pokhrel kept staring at me with an unforgettable expression. Seemed like he was saying, “What the hell is this guy doing?” That is probably the most unforgettable moment on set. Hahahaha….


Becoming a LoverSanjay Gupta Cover Story

Your first crush: With one of my classmate s, when I was 6 years old.

Your first girlfriend: In 2008, while I was in my college.

Time when you had your first kiss: When I was 12 years old. I was studying in class 6.

First body part when you look in a girl: Eyes

Attractive body part of a woman: Always the eyes and the lips.

Traits you like in women: Smartness and a good sense of humor.

What turns you off from the girl: Her inability to carry on a conversation with me.

Habit of the woman that you hate the most: There is nothing about woman I hate.

Habit of the woman that you love the most: The care and warmth they shower.

Type of attire that make a woman look sexy: Sneakers, tight pants and a white tee.

Most recent naught thought: Wanting to sleep with my friend.


Sanjay Gupta Cover StoryBecoming a Critic

Favourite Movies:

  • English: Top gun
  • Indian: Baazigar
  • Nepali: Kagbeni

Only one favourite person of the Nepali film fraternity: Priyanka Karki

Only one favourite person of the Nepali music industry: Rohit John Chhetri

Hottest actor in Kollywood: There is no hottest actor in Kollywood but one guy I truely respect is Rajesh Hamal.

Hottest actress in Kollywood: Priyanka Karki

Actresses rank in order of acting ability:

  • Priyanka Karki
  • Namrata Shrestha
  • Keki Adhikari
  • Menuka Pradhan
  • Malina Joshi
  • Samragyee Rajya Laxmi
  • Shristi Shrestha


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