My 3 Mistakes – Bhumika Shrestha


Text by Paris Tamang
Photo by Arwind Chettri

1Not taking a stand
Once I had a very serious discussion with my partner Ellen, after which, we ended up having an argument. Right at the time, we met all my friends from our community who all took my side. I was silent throughout; I didn’t support or defend him at all. Later, I realized I should have taken his side despite everything. The fact that I didn’t support my partner at a time when he needed me still lingers in my heart and I deeply regret it.

I am also politically involved as a convention member in the Nepali Congress. During the NC’s 12th and 13th convention, I didn’t bother much about it. Now, when I meet the leaders they ask me where I’d been and why I was out of touch.

Some even talk behind my back saying I backed off then because I was unable to get a post and I feel very guilty about it now. I wasn’t able to manage time due to my personal life, shows, and my work in social activism.

3Not understanding my stature
I’ve always enjoyed dressing fancily but my political image often restricted me from dressing the way I wanted to. My adamant decision to wear what I wanted to have often pushed me in uncomfortable situations. Quite often, I had appeared at political programs in fancy dresses, leaving some senior leaders offended by it. At that moment, I took the issue very lightly but later, I realized that I was a social personality and I couldn’t always be doing what I felt like doing.


About the Confessor

Bhumika Shrestha is a transgender activist working for Blue Diamond Society and a member at Nepali Congress.

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