Biryani like never before at Shangri-la


Text by : Sonam Dolma Sherpa
Photos by : Arwind Chhetri

Good news for the biryani lovers, on the 10th of March, Hotel Shangri-La launched its new aromatic Shahi Bamboo biryani, which will be prepared and served twice a week. The biryani undeniably lives up to the name it carries. The executive chef, Mr. Raj Kumar Adhikari says; “Using bamboo to cook is not a new technique in the world. Nonetheless, it is the first time for Bamboo biryani to be introduced in Nepal. This type of Biryani is considered to be better and healthier than other types of Biryani as the flavoured nutrients are locked inside the sealed bamboo shoot.”

Aged premium basmati rice is cooked in raw bamboo log, along with marinated choice of meat and other aromatic along with normal spices, in steam until the outer layer of bamboo becomes hot. Due to the air pockets inside the bamboo shoots, the food is cooked evenly and enhances the flavour and aroma while the nutrients remain in the biryani. Hence, this Shahi Bamboo Biryani is considered the most flavourful and nutrient.

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