Boring to Beauteous

By Lisa Shrestha | Photos by Satyan Shrestha


Bijaya Maharjan is a working lady who spends most of her time in her professional life. As she had remained being a busy-bee, she hadn’t paid attention to her looks for a while and had been habituated in accepting her monotonous appearance. Finally last month, she got determined to take a time out of her busy schedule and walked in to Lavish Salon with WAVE to change her looks. Softer colours were used to enhance her natural beauty instead of overdoing it. Maharjan had a medium-length hair which was dry and scanty at the bottom with some bold reddish tinge. As she opted for a much brighter colour, Reegyan Lepcha, the Salon Director, decided to neutralise the reddish tinge, add a nice beige-blonde highlights and leave the roots as it was.

As she didn’t mind having a bit shorter hair, it was chopped off up to the length of her shoulders, removing all dry ends which added a lot of volume and texture to her fine limp hair. As Lepcha tweaked for a major impact, she ended up having healthy hair and looking more glamorous .

For the final look, Prajina Shrestha, the make-up artist, applied foundation to conceal the pigmentation and spots that had made her skin look uneven. She used eyeshadow for brown shades and black eyeliner with not-so-heavy lashes. As a result, Maharjan got a beautiful arched brows filled-in with a dark colour, making it look more prominent. As her nose was long and wide, a contour was applied to make it look slim. While her cheekbones was slighted highlighted, her lips was enamoured by light matte pink shades.


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