Bustling with Blues: KBNR3


The mission of Kathmandu Blues & Roots (KNBR) is to make Kathmandu a music destination for music lovers from all over the world and to get more renowned and international artists here in Nepal; all while promoting the blues and not forgetting the roots.

In the third edition of the Kathmandu Blues & Roots festival that took place at Tangal, Kathmandu on September 29, Mukti & Revival, the biggest blues band in the country, rattled the crowd with guitar, bass and drum virtuosos and solos. One of the highlights to the night was Mukti Shakya starting a solo and passing it on a high bend to fellow guitarist Sunit Kansakar who continued it, only to return it back to the maestro to finish it.

KBNR were successful in bringing psychedelic rock band ‘The Well’ from Texas, USA. The trio from Austin shook us to the core with their great stage performance and raw psychedelic sound created with nine-stringed guitar and five-string bass.

“The festival was started by Kathmandu Blues and Roots to provide assistance to people affected by 2015 Gorkha Earthquake. Besides, it has taken a mission to make Kathmandu a music destination for music lovers from all over the world.”

The Newaz started their show with French singer Ann So singing the blues. They then went on to make a fine performance performing everything from Dazed and Confused’ to their original ‘Yearning’, ripping the crowd with his signature Sahana guitar.

The Midnight Riders, Kathmandu Cats and the Dirty Boogie Brass Band made fine performances to light up the festival. Sticking to the roots, Gunla Bajja performed using folklore Newari instruments, adding a touch of traditions to the festival.

Upcoming band Illusions and all-Nepal KBNR online band contest winners Millions Addict rocked the show.


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