Chronicles of Paintball Squadrons

Text by: Himal Giri Photos By: Arwind Chettri

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Beats of my heart were rhythmically racing along the tick-tocking of the minute-hand of my wristwatch when Prerana Joshi, operator of Battlefield described and warned, “Paintball is a survivalist game that teaches the importance of team playing, and the adventure sport strictly requires effective coordination and communication to be the victor.” Imprisoning the first-information in my mind, we divided our team of 10 into two different groups, and sported our paintball gears. While I was imagining myself as a soldier, the gears were covering me like armours, and the tutorials briefed by a match- referee were like ‘commands’ delivered by a war-zone commander. Within minutes, we made war strategies, got into our positions, and as the game started, we were quickly dispersed out of our blocks. We hit two of our opponents in no time, which gave us the edge. As we hit all the opponents without getting hit in return, advancing into another level was like ‘walking in a park’. Confidence earned from the first level was enough to get our opponents on their knees in the second round. Crawling and creeping through the mud, and moving from one barrel to another in search of some cover was thrilling. In the end, we whitewashed our opponents. Now that I felt very satisfied to be the victor, and learned the value of teamwork, importance of effective coordination and communication not only for playing but also for real life situations, I approached other team members with my voice recorder to know how they felt.


Akriti:Playing paintball was my first time, and I felt like playing ‘hide and seek’ but with a gun with bullets of paint. It was amazing to experience how those tiny bullets of colour could bruise me like a peach. Did end up with bruises and sore muscles but it was a fun experience. The game is about strategy, coordination and team-work which the other team pretty much nailed it. Our team wasn’t that bad as beginners. We did stain the paintball arena good rather than the opponents. Definitely up for a repeat visit.

Sonam:Paintball is a fun sport, and for all the young people who wish they could own a gun, here is a chance to own one. Shoot out all your opponents, and enjoy your win. Play, share, and love because the sport teaches you to work better in a team.

Prabin:The best part about playing paintball was the concentration and tactics it needed. It helped me realize that war is actually tough.

Abish:I was crossing my fingers hoping I would not get shot, and thanks to my awesome teammates, I survived all the rounds. We had a plan for this game which we executed perfectly, and of course like in most group works, I contributed less but at least, I didn’t let the team down. As for my advice to you, always get some experienced people in your team so you don’t feel the sting of paintball.

Priyadarshani:The first time I played paintball was in a forest in Bandipur. Compared to that, this arena seems a bit unadventurous; however, it was fun because it demands more tactics and game planning. I guess, what I learned was that I would make a terrible soldier.

Shrisha:Five minutes within the game and it felt like war. I was a warrior defending my team. ‘To win’ was our determination, and we were crawling across the field trying our best to shoot the opponents.

Himal:Crawling in the mud and running around to get cover to prevent myself from getting hit, and capturing the flag were the highlights of my paintball experience. The game helped me realise the value of effective teamwork in group activities.

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