Day 3 – All That Jazz at Gokarna


True lovers of jazz music grooved in until wheezing as jazzers from Germany, USA, Switzerland and other countries exhibited world-class musicianship during Jazz Bazaar, an almost 9-hour-long jazz musical event of Surya Nepal Jazzmandu Festival, that took place at Gokarna Forest Resort, Rajnikunj, Thali, Kathmandu, yesterday.

Jazz bands who didn’t let the audience to sit in silence for long were Samuel Wooton ‘Toy Story’ from Germany, Filtron M (NepaMali) from Switzerland/Mali, Palouse Jazz Project from USA and others. Among the Nepali musicians were Cadenza Collective, Gadarvha, Rabin Lal Shresztha Trio, and others.

Speaking with WAVE, Iswor Joshi, slide guitar player from Rabin Lal Shrestha Trio who performed dhrupad (a classical music), said, “If jazz has classical roots in western music, dhrupad is the classical music of eastern counterpart, and since the event also witnessed Gandarvha’s playing their music, I believe this event has become the confluence of eastern and classical music, and I really like how eastern and western music is exchanged and shared.” Joshi added, “Since musicians from various countries participate in this festival, I believe participating in this event has become a grand opportunity for Nepali musicians to learn the standard of international music.”

Explaining why the event has become a favourite event since years, Jigmee Lepcha, vocalist of the rock band The Midnight Riders, said, “Musicians like me get a chance to witness world-class musicians playing new instruments and producing new sound. The event has let Nepali musicians to get inspired from jazz music of international level, and blend their music to explore more possibilities.” Lepcha, who especially love the event at the resort, said, “In other venues of the Jazzmandu festival, only a band exhibits their music, but here, almost all the bands share their music. Thus, I really like coming here every year, and witness varieties of music from different bands.”

In similar tone, Silvia Casiulis from France said, “This event has exposed Nepali talent in the world, and it has provided them an opportunity to closely listen to the world class music. More importantly, the event has proved the fact that Nepali organisers can actually organise such a event of international standard.”

The first edition of Surya Nepal Jazzmandu Festival was started on the auspicious day of Shivaratri in 2002, where Australian Jazz legend Don Burrows, along with international bands, had headlined the festival. Since then, the festival has been appeasing the love for jazz music of thousands of jazz lovers. Even in days of civil war, state of emergency, rebirth of democracy, 2015 devastating earthquake and economic blockade, Jazzmandu had not taken a pause.

This year’s event also has so much to offer; from traditional straight-ahead jazz or fusion to daring contemporary sounds, people of various backgrounds are liking it much.

Yuvakar Rajkarnikar, WAVE’s first Editor, and his daughter, Kyushu Rajkarnikar, share same love for jazz music that had rented the air at the resort. Rajkarnikar said, “I liked the music because I’m more into jazz, blues and classical music. I’m here for the first time, but I hopefully, this is not the last.” Adding to her father’s experience, Kyushu Rajkarnikar said, “I’m more into jazz than rock because jazz is more soothing. I’m loving to see the environment and the people who are so passionate about the music.”

Though Jazz Bazaar was the festival’s ‘Day 3’ agenda, the festival has more of jazz to offer. Catch these jazzers in various venues until October 18. Details are being uploaded everyday in our official Facebook page.

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