Day 4 – Surya Nepal Jazzmandu 2017 at Dhokaima Cafe


The Valley jammed the 4th day of Surya Nepal Jazzmandu 2017 from Sounds of West Africa at Yala Maya Kendra (Dhokaima Cafe) Patan. Julia Sarr and Filtron M “NepaMali” presented a special night of music steeped in the traditions of Senegal and Mali.

Julia Sarr showed a warm engagement with her audiences which speaks of her generous stagecraft. Julia Sarr and the audiences sang together various songs in Wolloff language. The quartet led by Julia Sarr the vocalist entertained the crowd with Woloff songs like Yobuma, Manko, Intro Piano + Nawna, Djelima Accapella, Darludil Yow and Yow Lai Xar offering a new tone full of freedom and poetry.

Julia Sarr is a strong believer of God and believes that Angels are real. She believes they protect us, give us a message and defend us. Julia Sarr and the crew will be traveling back tomorrow as the pianist got onto an accident a day before and was replaced by the Pianist of Filtron M “NepaMali” at today’s show.

It was Filtron M “NepaMali” who filled the venue with the sounds of keys, kora, Bass, Saxophone, and percussion, Drums, and Tabala. Enjoying on the stage to the fullest, the quintet gave an exquisite show. The crowd absolutely loved the culture of mali and sound of kora when the band played several native tracks of mali. The band has got members from the different geographic locations but the unity and exchanging culture is the idea of the band.

The Jazz musicians from across the globe have raised the standard of music in Nepal. Jazzmandu has attracted hundreds of tourists promoting the country’s traditional music and also sounds from the different part of the world. Jazzmandu also gives numerous opportunities and platform to music learners to enhance their skills through workshops and mastering classes which will start from Monday. The finale of Jazzmandu is scheduled at Hotel Yak & Yeti, Durbar Marg on 18th of October.

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