DIY | To Disguise as Harley Quinn this Halloween


Text by Sonam Dolma Sherpa

Halloween is neither recognized as a national public holiday nor celebrated nation-wide, despite this, many young publics of urban setting do not abstain from observing this All Hallows’ Evening. Although all celebrants do not involve in trick-or-treating, making jack-o’-lanterns, playing apple bobbing or visiting haunting attractions, most disguise themselves with masking and mumming and throng various Halloween-themed parties. While most celebrants disguised themselves as ghosts, villains and superheroes last Halloween, it is now predicted that the disguise of Harley Quinn might just be the most popular choice of girls this Halloween worldwide. The fictional supervillain’s most intriguing love affair with the Joker and her craziness and bold character has landed on a special spot in the hearts of most excited celebrants. Taking all these into consideration, here are some step-by step procedures that will help you attain the famous Harley-Quinn-inspired spooky facial look.

DIY | To Disguise as Harley Quinn this Halloween 

Step 1:

If you have noticed, the base of her makeup is really pale. You can create this effect using a pale foundation. With a soft brush, apply the foundation all over your face in a bit lavishly and an outward motion. Make sure you don’t skip your neck area. If you don’t have a pale foundation, take your normal foundation and add some white face cream or white powder to it.


Step 2:

Apply concealer under your eyes and highlight your cheek bones with some illuminating powder. A stroke of blush is recommended.


Step 3:

To get her rough-looking natural eyebrows, fill your eyebrows with a black/brown definer as the base make-up may make your brows look faded.


Step 4:

Quinn’s make-up is perfectly imperfect in the movie ‘Suicide Squad’, and to par the look, mess your eyes with right amount of eyeshadows. Do not forget, she wears different coloured eye shadow, pink on the right and blue on the left. Make sure that both of your eye shadows are very peppy and bright ̶ a dash of glitter is never a ‘wrong choice’. Apply the eyeshadow normally then take the eyeshadow brush and start blending it on the edges to spread it even more. To get her teary eye effect, simply put some eyeshadow on your index finger and drag it downwards from the outer corner of the eye. As you reach the lower cheekbone, take a brush and blend the tear drop effect.


Step 5:

Now to make your eyes look darker, use a dark black kajal and apply it on your tear line. For your upper eyelids, use a liquid eyeliner. To avoid hiding the shadow, don’t make a thick line. Quinn has neither winged nor given a more natural look but if you wish to give it your touch, you can totally go ahead and wing it on. You can also take a bit of liquid glitter and apply it on your inner lashes.


Step 6:

For your lashes, you may use fake eyelashes or use your favourite mascara. 


Step 7:

Now it’s time to fill in the most important detail of Quinn’s face: the Little Heart and the Rotten Tattoo on her right cheek. To do the job, having a glittery black eyeliner or else, a simple eyeliner is enough.


Step 8:

Finally, the lipstick! Use a bright red matte lipstick and smudge it near the right corner to give it the imperfection.


Step 9: You can either use a temporary hair colour spray or if you think blonde is your deal; you can change your hair colour for this day. Apart from the facial make-up, her signature T-shirt with the lithograph “Daddy’s Lil Monster” is a must. Because even a smallest detail matters. Besides, pudding choker, gold studded bracelets, torn fish stocking and a black booty shorts are necessary accessories. Witch-ing you a spook-tacular Halloween!

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