Do a Human Flag with me


By Sanjen Thapa
Photos by Satyan Shrestha

In recent times, many experienced fitness freaks have been posting their pictures of them performing human flag, one of the most difficult exercises to do. And being a fitness freak myself since long, I tried performing the same though I was not as experienced as they were. However, I finally succeeded to perform that. I realised how I had to have a strong arm, shoulder, back, and core muscles, which were attainable with strength training and practice. If you want to see yourself performing the same classic human flag, you can also do it.

Practising your Hold

  1. First of all, grab the pull-bar with one hand and take your other hand to rest on the vertical sidebars. Now, you need to make the muscles of your body engaged, so, keep both arms straight. Doing this is very important because it strengths your upper body which is of utmost importance when performing a human flag.
  2. Now, with the support of the strength of your hands and pressing into the support beam with your bottom hand, lift your feet off the ground. Then, slowly pull your upper body and legs up to your top hand. You should not bend your elbows because your form will be stronger if your arms remain straight.
  3. Raise your hips in the air, and kick your legs forward to lift your hips. To prevent your knees from dragging your hips downwards, tuck your knees close to your body.
  4. Hold this pose as long as you can because this is the first phase of the human flag, and from this pose, you can either perform vertical human flag or classic human flag. Importantly, this pose will help you strength your upper body.
  5. You should maintain this position for at least 30 seconds before attempting to perform the vertical or classic human flag.

Trying a Vertical Human Flag

  1. Before performing the classic human flag, performing vertical human flag is very important, and a vertical human flag is easier than a classic human flag. It requires less upper body strength to hold. So, before performing classic human flag, practice to perform the vertical human flag at least five times.
  2. From your tucked position, extend your legs into the air, and lift your legs slowly above your shoulders until you’re able to reach a diagonal position. Keep your legs straight.
  3. Lift your legs until they are as vertical as possible, and you can bend your knees to ease weight off your body. This will prevent you from losing your balance.

Doing a Classic Human Flag

  1. From the vertical position, lower your legs. Keep one knee bent while straightening out the other and move your hips downward until your hips and your legs are parallel to the ground.
  2. Straighten both of your legs. Try to maintain this position as long as possible. You can tuck one leg into your chest again if you feel your grip weakening.

About the fitness freak

Sanjen Thapa
Sanjen Thapa

Sanjen Thapa is a fitness trainer at Boxmandu, a boxing studio and fitness centre located at Chuchepati, Kathmandu. With his background in kickboxing, Thapa helps people to get in shape as their personal trainer. Besides, Thapa is a marketing executive at Zuas Ketofoods and Superfoods, Jhamsikhel, Lalitpur.


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