Do it for the Snap


By Priyadarshani Shrestha

Snapchat is designed to make users feel ‘less like texting’ and ‘more like hanging out’, and this is why when a friend opens a ‘chat’, their Bitmoji pops up, and the chat conversations are deleted by default. Snapchat is continuously working towards making the snap experience more engaging and captivating. Here are some ‘dos’ that you should try if you didn’t know already and some complete ‘no-no’ that you should stop doing immediately. These suggestions will help you have much better snap experience.

The Don’ts

Stop with the same old filters

Snapchat offers good (and funny) filters. When we can do so much with them, why waste them by just taking ‘bomb’ pictures? It’s been over six years since Snapchat started, and I strongly believe we should drift away from taking selfies with every filter all over our ‘Story’.

Tip: You can get old filters any day if you change the date of your phone. Snapchat updates filters according to what day it is.

Don’t send blank videos or music with one or two words as a caption. Nobody will recognise the song, instead, they will skip through these types of continuous snaps.

The same goes when you’re at a concert or a live show. People have the tendency to take several continuous shots to put on their stories. Keep it short and simple, just enough for people to get captivates rather than fed-up.

There is nothing more frustrating than receiving a snap from someone thinking it was sent just for you and then seeing the same snap on their story. So, don’t send a snap that you’re going to put in your story if you don’t want to be blocked.

The Dos

Make the most out of Live filters
Snapchat has introduced lens studio, a free desktop app for Mac and Windows. Using this app and all funny and relatable bitmojis, snapchatters now have so much more creative space to make their own filters or to make use of the ones that are updated daily.

Do more than just take videos of what they do (because literally everyone can see what they do); instead, have fun with them like dancing beside the 3D animations!

While at a concert or a live show, press and hold anywhere on your screen with the Snapchat camera on. The app will listen to the song playing in the background and identify it through Shazam. This cool feature will recognise the song, and you can put the song’s info in your story or send it to a friend. This will also allow you to follow the snapchat accounts of artists of that song.

Tip: This feature also allows you to unlock filters for that song or artist for one hour so you can use it while taking short videos of the song!

Send funny and wacky snaps to close friends and put fun snaps in your story. Put stories and send snaps that will encourage your friends to reply to them.

Tip: Now you can even tag your friends on your snaps using the ‘@’ sign.

Chatting Tip:
Search for appropriate bitmojis by typing keywords like ‘happy’, ‘sorry’, ‘love’ while chatting.

Drawing Tip:
Snapchat has so many users who do wonders with the drawing tools on it. You could be one of them with the help of these hidden tricks.

Press and hold on any colour on the drawing tool and drag it anywhere on the screen for different shades of that colour. After selecting the colour, you can ‘pinch in’ to decrease and ‘pinch out’ to increase your brush size. the zoom option, if your phone has one to draw in the details.

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