En Route to Being Fit and Fabulous – The Surbarna Khadka Way

With an invincible influence of technology upon our life and our hectic work schedule, we have, in many ways, given up on a healthy lifestyle. But the sheer importance of a fit body is no joke. A healthy and balanced body is as indispensable now as it ever has been or will be.


By Prajita Shrestha

Subarna Khadka—a certified fitness expert, a fitness model, and the owner of the supplement store ‘Protein Planet’—cannot agree more with the aforementioned. With a total of 16 years of experience in the fitness world and five years of experience in games which include men’s physique, bodybuilding, and fitness model, Khadka is truly one of Nepal’s fitness idols.

Khadka is the first Nepali to represent Nepal in an international men’s physique competition held in Beijing in 2015, and also is a medalist in Men’s physique (gold), Jerai (silver), and Body power (silver). Khadka has also completed a personal trainer and nutrition training endorsed by YMCA London and is currently working as a professional personal trainer while also preparing for upcoming games to-be organised by the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness in Nepal (2018) and Spain (2019).

Therefore, it is no surprise that Khadka has the type body that we cannot help but envy. So WAVE has a little chitchat with Khadka himself to learn about the tricks to earn a body like his.

  • What is your fitness mantra?

I believe a combination of a healthy diet, proper exercise, ample rest, and strict discipline is all it takes to do wonders to your body.

  • Between ‘diet’ and ‘exercise’, which plays a more vital role than the other in building a fit body?

The ratio of the contribution of diet to the contribution of exercise in forming a fit body is 4:1. Our body is a temple, and we need to be chary of what we feed our body.

Surbarna Khadka
Surbarna Khadka
  • What kind of diet should an average Nepali follow? 

A diet chart is distinctive to an individual. However, if we were to follow the general rule, we should be cautious enough to not consume any of junks, carbonated drinks, white flour, and sugar. Instead, it is a safer option to eat complex carbohydrates, good fat, vitamins, minerals, and just the right amount of supplements. Meanwhile, we need to be careful not to follow an atypical diet abruptly because our previous food choices—that we have been used to our entire life—might not allow our body to adapt to the new food selection immediately.

  • People often end up starving themselves during their diet regime. What do you have to say about this?

In reality, we need to have an average of six meals per day in a time difference of two to three hours. If we eat meals after staying hungry for a long time, then our body mechanism works in a way that absorbs more fats than necessary for the fear of not receiving the essential energy source any time soon. On the other hand, if we eat at regular intervals, our body will refine the food components and thus, reduce the risk of fat absorption.

  • What should we do before and after a workout to get similar results to yours?

Before we start doing our set of exercises, we need to fuel ourselves with various energy giving foods so as to be able to function well during the workout. Consecutively, post-workout our body undergoes a series of muscle tears, so in order to recover from these tears, we need to take-in an ample amount of protein and simple carbohydrates within about half of an hour of the completion of our workout session.

  • What are some of the exercises that we shall not risk missing out during our workout session?

One can choose between cardio that results only in fat loss, and weightlifting that results in both fat loss and muscle gain. Though regardless of what we choose, the two exercises that dare not miss out are deadlifts and squats. These exercises work out our entire body and help us in both fat loss and muscle increase.

  • What mistakes should we not make as a fitness newbie? 

There are three things I would like fitness newbie to know. Firstly, they absolutely should not copy other people. Each individual requires a separate set of exercises. Secondly, they should hire a certified trainer and listen to what they have to say at all times. And last but not the least, they should keep in mind that Rome was not built in one day; so, they should not expect to have a body transformation overnight.

  • How can we keep ourselves as motivated to exercise as you are?

Initial motivation has to come from within you. But after a few days when results start showing up, you will get motivated on your own. After which, it continues as a vicious circle. The other key essential to stay motivated is to let yourself surrounded by a circle of people with positive vibes.



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