Faces of WAVE 2017

Written by Roneeshma Shrestha, Photos by Pranab Joshi Hair and Makeup by Prajina Shrestha and Esther Rai, Lavish Salon, Durbar Marg


To reveal secreted beauties and handsomes, WAVE has been administering a hunt every now and then. This time as well, WAVE had activated a contest strictly for its readers and followers. Finally, the hunt for the faces of WAVE has ended, and the cover story is graced with the panache of six beauties and three handsomes.

Sushmita Lama, Face of WAVE 2017
Also named as Sisha Lama, the 20-year-old student who is presently doing a course on chartered accountant at Prime CA, Swayambhu International College, has a soft corner for children and aims to establish Zenisha Foundation, a home for homeless children.

Lama who faces problematic situations with a smile takes inspiration from her parents as they have struggled a lot for her family and have also helped others in need. From her parents, she has learnt to be kind enough to think about others’ pain, feel them and help them.

“Convincing everyone to cast their vote for me was really interesting. At some points, I even felt as if I was a candidate of an election asking for votes. Remindingeveryone to cast their votes was fun. Finally, I won.”—Sushmita Lama

Prosjen Rai, Face of WAVE 2017
Prosjen Rai is the 17-year-old enthusiast of dancing, singing, modelling, and swimming, who is active in participating at various competitions. Taking leadership roles in his school from class two, Rai has always been active in honing his leadership roles.

“Prabal Gurung has been my inspiration and I want to be like him in the future.Face of WAVE has become a great  opportunity to begin my career in this field.” —Prosjen Rai

Adida Tamang
Inspired by supermodel Gigi Hadid, the 19-year-old student at Ideal College loves travelling and gain experiences by learning new things. She aims to become successful in whichever field she goes.

Nisha Chaudhari
Versatile, diligent, open-minded, enthusiastic and cooperative, the 20-year-old is a student of law at Nepal Law Campus, Bhrikutimandap, and to become a successful lawyer, she has been familiarising herself with courts, developing her writing and communication skills and learning law skills from different mentors.

As a practical person, Chaudhari does not believe that practice makes a person perfect but believes that perfect practice makes a person perfect. So, she hones her qualities through perfect practice, hard work, patience, and positivity. “I’m humble enough to know I am better than anybody and wise enough to know that I’m different from the rest.” —Nisha Chaudhari

Sudha Adhikari
A student at Nepal College of Travel and Tourism Management, the 22-year-old enthusiast of writing and hiking aims to work at Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and at the present, she is working at the airport and learning to handle delegates. She sees Sisan Baniya as her inspiration and motivator, and believes that this contest will help her get the required exposure and nurture her as being in front of camera is something she has always loved.


Bikram Khadka
Bikram Khadka is an enthusiast of football, hiking, and photography, who has completed his undergraduate on counselling studies and diploma courses in computer and photography. The Vice President of Hamro Fellowship and Reunity Nepal Drug and Alcohol treatment, the 27-year-old is also working as a counsellor and program officer in drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre.

“I was once a sufferer myself, and instead of running away from my past, I transformed my fears into courage. So, my past is my teacher and my greatest inspiration. I want to teach people not to stigmatise drug abusers, but instead, join hands to wipe off drug addiction from the society.” —Bikram Khadka

Shrijana Bista
The 19-year-old is studying BBA at Cosmos College of Management and Technology, and in future, she wants to become a manager and a model. An enthusiast of travelling, dancing, and photography, Bista is inspired by Priyanka Karki and dreams to become successful like her.

Anjeela Joshi
A student at IEC College of Arts and Fashion, the 24-year-old lady, originally from Khotang, is full with positive attitude, willpower, determination, and is strong enough to handle any situation to bring her wish to reality. Joshi, who takes failure as motivation, loves to get involved in creative and challenging works and aims to establish her own business house. Taking her mom as a role mother who is struggling even at her early 60’s, Joshi has learned from her mom to become herself and stay honest, calm, patient, creative, and diligent.

“I’ve always wished to be featured in advertisement and beauty contest, but various reasons had compelled me to back out. When I read the announcement of Face of WAVE, my excitement had no limits. My dream has come true.”
—Anjeela Joshi

Manish Thapa
The 20-year-old is currently studying BSC at Trr-Chandra Multiple Campus, and is great enthusiast of acting, dancing, singing, travelling, and fashion. With an aim to become a superstar and an ace model, Thapa is currently working as a dance director in different music videos

Wardrobe courtesy
Cover dress (on Sushmita Lama): Pragya Raut, Preksha Shahi, Samjhana Dangol, and Sreejana Ratna Nepali.
Others: Sanu Namaya, Manish Rai, Deena Gurung, and Sreejana Ratna Nepali
All designers are students or graduates of Namuna College of Fashion Technology, Nepal’s first Fashion College and the initiator/pioneer of academic education in fashion in the country

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