Festival to highlight culture and tradition of ancient Nepal

The Living City Vol-I: Itumbahal Edition will be held this Saturday at the historical area of Itumbahal.


Living City is an annual local cultural and art festival, being organised to discover, revive and promote the local culture and heritages of ancient Nepal, by transforming the local communities into a platform that represents the daily livelihood of the local people for the purpose of cultural exchange and artistic communications.

This first edition of the Living City is set to take place at Itumbahal, Kilagal which is located at the centre of Kathmandu City within the close proximity of Hanuman Dhoka Durbar square, New Road, Indrachowk and Ason. The history of this venue is as old as the city itself and is proven by the tangible heritages surrounding the area that carry the legends of Kesh Chandra, myth of Guru Mhappa, beauty of Rajamati and significance of Shwet Tara.

Being organised by Kilagal Tole Sudhar Samitee, this festival is designed, funded and organized in collaboration Retro Media Nepal Pvt. Ltd., with support from Nepal Tourism Board.

Performing artists:

  1. Naad Sangeet Pathshala ensemble, Classical music
  2. Bhairavi Band, Folk ensemble
  3. Didi Bahini, all female folk band
  4. Astra Band, folk fusion band
  5. Kilagal Nasa Khala, local ethnic music
  6. Kilagal Sanskriti Pucha, local ethnic music
  7. Word Warriors, Spoken Word Poetry
  8. Bhairav dance
  9. Chariya dance
  10. Newari fashion show
  11. Tina and Kabita, musical drama
  12. Ethnic dances by Sabina, Anu Karki


  1. Agarbatti making
  2. Dhime Playing
  3. Basic enterprenuership training
  4. Ranjana Lipi with info stall

Other activities:

  1. Photography Exhibition
  2. Live wall painting
  3. Earthquake heritage exhibition
  4. Diyo lightening

All the activities and the entry to the festival are free.

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