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Mind behind these Sarees: Bijay Gautam, CEO/ Creative Head of Be Labels


Text by Sonam Dolma Sherpa
Photos by Satyan Shrestha
Hair and Makeup by Sirjana Karki Shrestha, DMGM Company

Saree is considered one of the sexiest women’s wear, and if you are intending to look sexy yet elegant this Dashain, sexy sarees designed on palates of red and orange, mostly of mid-range Georgette and chiffon ensemble with Karachi and Jaipuri work on zari, dori and gota, are available at Be Labels Studio, Kupondole Height (opposite to Greenwich Hotel), and can be purchased online through


  1. When and how did you start working as a fashion designer?
    I always had an interest in designing or in any creatively inclined work. My career revolved around these lines but finally found my peace in designing clothes. I did not pursue any academic courses in fashion designing but I have studied product designing and branding, which made it a smooth transition to fashion.
  2. Were you always sure you wanted to be a fashion designer?
    Not really, but my friends said that, I would be a fashion designer one day because I was very critical about fashion. With irritation, a friend once questioned, “So you care so much about what I wear, why don’t you design one for me?”
  3. What are your designs inspired by?
    I follow Paris fashion calendar, and every collection carries an in depth story and inspiration.
  4. What materials do you like to play with the most?
    We started of getting these made in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh but now, we are procuring fabrics from Middle East and East Asia too.
  5. Who is your inspiration?
    While I stayed in India, I had a chance to meet some ace designers. Ritu Kumar, Manish Arora and JJ Valaya are my favourites in India, while, I follow Labanon designers Elie Saab and Zuhair Murad. In Nepal, I feel no one has aced the game as such, since we all are learning and emerging.

Be Labels was incorporated in 2014, and launched officially in February 2015 with an aim to contribute towards Nepalese Fashion Industry. Headquartered in Kathmandu, Be Labels has global offices in New York, London and Melbourne. Company owns various labels for clothing, accessories for both Men and Women.

Be Labels is a parent company and brain child of Bijay Gautam which owns two of the exclusive fashion brands of Nepal. Signature wear by Bijay Gautam and High street saree brand ‘Drape Democracy’ with the originality and quality of its printed fabrics and garments. Be Labels product line comprises of sarees, bridal wear, fusion and western clothing consisting of scarves, bags, accessories and fabrics that are an answer to the global sartorial needs.


Tips for Maintaining Saree

  • Sarees with heavy handwork need to be draped and stored well. I suggest not to hang them on a hanger. They should be folded in a stack.
  • Only printed sarees can be kept in a hanger since the weaving is intact and is light- weight.
  • Sarees with raw fabrics like silk and cotton need to be kept on air-tight packaging to avoid moisture that damages the texture of the sarees. They suck the humidity and start decaying if you do not take care of them.
  • When it comes to washing, heavy embroidered sarees are always advised for dry cleaning.
  • When light-weight sarees are washed at home, you need to use subtle detergents which come with softener and colour-lock technology.
  • After washing, the saree must be dried immediately. First, roll the saree in a dry towel to remove the excess moisture. Then, hang it on to a padded hanger.
  • Ensure that the saree is out of direct sunlight.

“My work mostly represent ‘minimalism’ and ‘elegance’.  We try not one element take over the overall feel of a garment.”

Bijay Gautam

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