Perfect shopping-stop for artistic and trendsetting outfits inspired by rock, metal, blues, jazz, and rockabilly culture of music


By Lisa Shrestha

Photos by Satyan Shrestha


Finding and buying artistic and trendsetting outfits inspired by rock, metal, blues, jazz, and rockabilly culture of music was quite difficult until recently, but not today. The newly-opened Greasy Laundry at Tangalwood, Tangal has tried to contravene the clichéd and so-called ‘fast fashion’ by bringing-up something that we had always wished for.

Greasy Laundry, as a quality lifestyle store, was opened with the concept of bringing musically-inspired products along with those arraying Nepali lifestyle of hip and rock n’ roll. Besides, it was opened with the idea of designing and producing Nepal-made products. Today, one can find handmade leather bags which are cut and stitched by local craftsmen of Nepal. Similarly, they also have a line of silver and white metal jewelleries that are locally handcrafted. Other than these, parts of their product collection are Indonesian brands, especially the Japanese raw denims which are stitched in Indonesia, and helmets those made in Thailand.

Opened in partnership between Bikrant Shrestha and Rajiv Sayami, the store operates merchandising retail business that offers customers with vintage and contemporary apparels, accessories, jewelleries, helmets, bags, and others.

The store’s interior display entices customers to enter, explore the products and immerse in its vibes, a clearer proportional play of architectural influence. The decor is unique with a rustic kind of environment, the olden wood structures, and incandescent lighting.

Although at first the collection was termed mostly ‘hip’, it is more than just that. Today, the collection is a combination of artistic and sophisticated yet trendsetting outfits inspired by rock, metal, blues, jazz and rockabilly culture of music.

There’s something about the brand’s effortlessly-relaxed pieces that speaks so well to the laidback culture. Its designs represent simple to wear—detailed prints and fine materials—combined with lifestyle elements of craftsmanship and quality tailoring, offering more than a clothing line but a true lifestyle brand.



Sikshya Lama
Sikshya Lama


Sikshya Lama

Having just completed her high school, the 18-year-old Sikshya Lama is looking forward to pursuing her bachelor’sdegree. Though she is totally engaged in modeling now—with commercial photoshoots and runway shows—she aims to move towards business entrepreneurship in the future.Lama loves modeling because she gets to meet different creatives and learn while staying in her comfort zone. She takes personal growth, respect, and appreciation as her greatest achievements.


Riyaz Joshi
Riyaz Joshi


Riyaz Joshi

Apart from part-time modeling, Joshi, 22, is working as one of cabin crew in an airline and aims to do a business in future. Believing in living in the moment, Shrestha is enjoying modeling because he loves to express himself with the ongoing fashion trends and believes that modeling has helped him transform and create his true image.



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