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By Anjali Shrestha

 AHS (America Horror Story) make-up has inspired millions of make-up artists around the world, and many of them learn the trick of the skills by teaching all by themselves. One among those is Diksha Thapa, a graduate from Shrijana College of Fine Arts who taught herself the skills required for AHS make-up after being inspired by the works of Brooke Shaden, a fine arts photographer from the US.

Check out her latest works.

              Recreation of Kimberly Margarita’s Art. This is the artist’s personal favourite or perhaps as something she ’d like to define herself.



              The artist’s take on the look by Antonia Glaskova. She tried portraying her vision of death with this look.



             Fascinated by the mermaid, a mythical creature, the artist turned herself into one.



Inspired by the looks of Roma fortune tellers, with a Halloween touch to it.


  • Photographers: Rujal Pradhan, Labesh Shrestha, Nibhal Bajracharya, and Prasanna Bijukchhe.
  • Editors: Rujal Pradhan, Nagesh Kandel, and Prasanna Bijukchhe
  • Setup/Assistance: Rubin Pradhan and Pritam Shakya.

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