From the tea gardens

The green tea gardens under the cotton clouds floating over literally made my trip worthy enough.


By Gopal Pun Magar

The visible features of Nepal never disappoint a traveller and/or a travel enthusiast. A plethora of amazing destinations all around the nation always stay prepared to make the time of domestic and foreign tourists pleasant and marvellous. One of such tourist destinations in eastern Nepal is Kanyam.

Kanyam, a small town located in Ilam district, is a plot of heaven on earth widespread with lush green tea gardens and is the best place for people to get some fresh air throughout any day. Specifically, the enticing tea gardens in Kanyam offer a viewscape that no one travelling to East Nepal can afford to miss out. No wonder, travelling to Kanyam was in my bucket list since a long time, and I am so elated for being able to obliterate its name with a strikethrough from my bucket list.Kanyam

My totally unplanned trip to Kanyam started from Jhapa, the bordering district of Ilam. When we think of Jhapa, things that come in the minds of most people are ‘terai region’ and ‘blistering hot weather’ and almost all people try to abstain from it. However, I’ve always been fascinated by the features of terai plains; the long-straight road extended until the limit of a sight, fields widespread with fields on both wider sides and the flat geographical structure, all unite to amaze me every time I find myself in the plains.

“Kanyam is a plot of heaven on earth widespread with lush green tea gardens that offer a viewscape on one travelling to East Nepal can afford to miss out.”

KanyamWhen I reached Jhapa, I was glad for having an opportunity to explore one more place unknown to me, but the scalding heat was literally hitting me hard as I was not accustomed to such climate. Seeing me sweating continuously and struggling to endure the uncongenial environmental conditions, my friend took me out for a ride towards Budhabare, Jhapa. I got a chance to visit Barne Tea Garden, one of the best gardens to see while in Jhapa. We had some chilling time in the estate; I personally assuaged the unbearable heat of the plains. Barne Tea Estate was like a complementary for me before I could experience the extreme joy at the heart of Illam – Kanyam.

After an uphill ride for around half an hour from Jhapa, one can reach the tea estate that sits at the height of 6,000 ft. above sea level. I was fascinated by the kind of the ride I had till Kanyam as much as I was by the tea garden. The abrupt transition of the geographical structure—from terai to hills—was very astonishing to me. Half an hour ago, I was being burned, but at that time, cool breeze was browsing across my face making me relieved. The vibe that I was getting was also very different, and I was feeling very wonderful.Kanyam

As soon as I reached Kanyam, I was dumbstruck with the beauty it was flaunting. The view from the topmost viewpoint was relaxing to my eyes and peaceful to my hearts. I was having the best time of the day even though the hot weather was insufferable. All of a sudden, the weather changed and I kept wondering the phenomena of the hills. At first, I was tolerating the scorching sun, but in the next moment, I was enjoying the chills. In other times, one can even find themselves in a heavy rainfall or thin-to-thick fog.

If you’re already teased by my experiences, I suggest you not to let your travel wish go at rest. Just carry your travel bag and head on to Kanyam. But while you’re at Kanyam, don’t miss visiting Ilam, the district popular for its scenic beauty.Kanyam

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