Game plan in becoming a good dancer

Even a non-dancer can be a skilled dancer someday. But for this, one should follow a routine of teaming-up with a right dancing partner, getting a perfect posture, stretching the body every day, and feeling the movement while practicing regularly. These are not enough; one should stay healthy, be in a circle of people with positive attitude and continue experimenting without giving-up.


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 Dancing is one of the favorite activities of almost everyone in the world. However, some people cannot dance despite loving it. If you’re one among those crowd of people who just know only one move no matter what kind of music or song is getting played, then you should understand that following some tips could help in learning to dance. WAVE points out some suggestions on how to learn dancing.

  • Team-up with right dancing partner
    You must have had a dance teacher in your life who might have had brought the best out of you. Now, if you’re not connected with your the then dance teacher, find a good dancer and team-up with him/her. A good dancer will not only teach you new dance steps but s/he will help you identify your mistakes. But even after doing so, if you feel that you’ve not improved, l look out for someone better. 
  • Love it
    Your heart should dance along with you, and if does not, you will not be able to do some moves. This will lessen your sense of confidence and love for dancing. You also need to make sure that you really love dancing because it takes a lot of dedication and passion to dance.

    Game plan in becoming good dancer
    Game plan in becoming good dancer
  • Get your posture perfected
    Practice some daily exercises to make your posture perfect. You don’t need to do some heavy work-outs; however, standing up straight, pushing your shoulder down and back, and holding your head up will help a lot. A good posture does something amazing to dancers.
  • Stretch
    A good dancer needs to have a flexible body, so, if you want to be a good dancer, stretch your body on daily basis. It will be easier for you to move your legs if they are more limber.
  • Feel the movement
    To feel the movement, try doing some moves with your eyes closed. This will help you let your movement come out from deep within. Repeat doing these moves because developing muscle memory is very important in dancing.
  • Relax
    A body in a relaxed state is a must to deliver a good dancing. So, take a few deep breaths and clear your mind before dancing.

    Game plan in becoming good dancer
    Game plan in becoming good dancer

    “Experiment in performing different moves on different parts of your body. Be sure that you perfectly transition from one move to the other, and watching yourself dancing in front of the mirror will do wonders.”

  • Keep practicing
    You need to keep on practicing what you’ve learned in your journey of dancing. Even if you get a free time of short duration, start repeating your moves.  Doing this, you will not only get a good exercise but you’ll also develop some of your own styles and techniques. Watching dance tutorials on YouTube will be very helpful for you. But don’t forget to master in the moves that you’ve learned so far. But for all this, you need to balance your schedules. 
  • Be in a circle of people with a positive attitude
    Dancing is a visual art; so, surround yourself with people who will point out your areas of improvement and give you some words of encouragement. Negative group of people will isolate you and put you down. You being among people with a positive attitude will keep you happy and you’ll improve gradually.
  • Smile
    Though your facial expression depends upon the story of a song or music, you need to express on happy you are while dancing. So, ‘smile’, because it is an expression of pleasure, happiness, and amusement. Even if you are dancing alone, smile at yourself. However, this will work best if you are dancing in a song with a happy mood.
  • Don’t give up
    Despite wanting to dance, there will be days when you’ll realize yourself dancing poorly. At times, you’ll feel exhausted; however, you need to realize this and take it as normal. Remember, everyone has bad days and good days. So, don’t give up. 
  • Select you favorite dance form
    There are many dance forms, such as jazz, lyrical, acro, contemporary, break-dance, belly dancing, ballet, pointe, tap, hip-hop. So, if you are a beginner, you should begin with a dance form that you love the most.  Be sure which of these dance forms suit you the best.

    Game plan in becoming good dancer
    Game plan in becoming good dancer
  • Do experiment
    Experiment with whatever you have learned, and this will help you improve in dancing. Stand in front of a full-length mirror and move your body along with your favorite music and experiment. Experiment in performing different moves on different parts of your body. Be sure that you perfectly transition from one move to the other, and watching yourself dancing in front of the mirror will do wonders.

  • Be healthy
    Dancing is an energy-demanding activity; so, it is essential to eat a healthy and balanced diet. If you realize that you are overdoing it, take some rest and repeat.
  • Wear proper attire
    How can you dance hip-hop wearing a sari? So, wear proper attire when you choose to dance a specific dance form because each dance style requires a specific type of attire, including shoes. Dance shoes are carefully structured to protect your legs and feet and it benefits the dancer a lot.
  • Look for professional help
    If following all the tips bulleted above does not help you, join a dance class that instructs your favorite dance form.

  • Have a goal
    One of the fastest ways to learn dancing is to have a goal in dancing. It can either be a performance at the wedding of your best friend, or at a function at college, or even a dance competition. Schedule the date.

“When you dance, your purpose should not only to get to a certain place on the floor. It shall be to enjoy each step along the way.”




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