Giving into the desire


One fine day, you’re going out with your friends, and unexpectedly, you find yourself in a lip-biting situation with one of the sexiest ones. You never know when the temptation just creeps into you because you see someone doing something so unusual. That’s when you get turned on, right there on the spot.

Intending to know which kinds of situations can ‘turn on’ a guy or a girl, WAVE talked with some people in person, and obtain the descriptions of their ‘red-hot scenarios’ with an assurance to keep their identifications protected.


From some Misses

  1. “When there’s a little bit of sadomasochism involved like when he scratches me, bites me, grabs and surges me out of nowhere. A kiss on the neck and I’m out of control.” -Anusha
  2. “When I get drunk or high, pretty much everything turns me on.” -Nita
  3. “Poetries. A beautiful prose makes me want to take him to the fields and entwine ourselves in nature.” -Anaya
  4. “If a sex scene comes up when I’m watching a movie with my boyfriend, we both get turned on.” -Pratima
  5. “I can’t help it when a guy has a sweet scent, especially the sweet-smelling combination of sweat and aftershave.” –Kritika
  6. “When a guy with beautiful eyes at the bar is giving me a sexy stare and is confident enough to flirt with me without cheesy lines.” -Soobs
  7. “The voice of a guy who has just woken up turns me on. I’ve called one guy every morning just to wake him up and hear his sexy voice.” -Sweta
  8. “A fit guy in sweatpants who squats.” -Sabina
  9. “When someone makes an unexpected grab by my waist or holds me from behind.” -Reshma
  10. “When a guy sexts (to send sex texts) me when I’m at work.” -Subekshya
  11. “A guy who cooks in a speedo.” -Garima
  12. “Intelligent and humorous guys who can be sarcastic and can keep a deep conversation.” -Dilasha
  13. “A guy with incredible respect for women who puts-in an extra effort to be romantic like holding the door and shows that he really cares.” -Manisha
  14. “A guy who can do electrical and mechanical activities, from fixing light bulbs to changing bike tires.” -Zenisha
  15. “When I see a guy who is carrying a cute baby or walking his dog out.” -Pratikshya
  16. “A dotted beard guy wearing a monkey cap who is an artist.” -Kajal
  17. “A rough and tough guy with tight leather jacket and pants, wearing boots and with a killer muscular bike.” -Nagma
  18. “Nerds because they’re smart. They wouldn’t mind if I distract them for a while.” -Neharika


From Some Misters

  1. “If I ever see a girl spread their legs in public, I can’t help it. I feel she’s asking for it.” -Summer
  2. “I once gifted my girlfriend 10 kurtas on her birthday because traditional dresses turn me on.” -Pranav
  3. “The right size boobs, not too big and not too small,” -Arman
  4. “When I’m all alone, I get horny. An empty mind is intact a devils workshop.” -Ayan
  5. “If I accidentally touch or smell the girl with whom I wanna have sex, it drives me nuts.” -Rajan
  6. “Once you start talking to a girl for quite some time, I can’t help but get into a conversation dirty.” -Sunit
  7. “When I see girls wearing a party dress, high heels, showing cleavage and with a big butt, she is the ultimate turn on.” -Garnish
  8. “Office girls who look elegant and can pull off wearing a spectacle.” -Beevas
  9. “Sari’s turn me on because I can see their navel. When they’re pierced, it’s even better.” -Bigyan
  10. “When the size of the boobs is big, I could smother myself in it.” -Abhishek
  11. “A wet t-shirt on a girl because the clothes get tight and I can see their actual figure.” -Samarpan
  12. “Coloured haired girls. I love it even more when the wind blows their hair.” -Sameer
  13. “It turns me on when a girl is riding her scooter and I’m her passenger.” -Nadish
  14. “Tomgirls. You might wanna hang out with someone who gets your lifestyle.” -Samrat
  15. “Drummer or guitar playing girls because they’re hot and they make the entire band look cooler.” -Prabal
  16. “Girls with tattoos, piercing, weird contrasting dyed hair and a little attitude.” -Prajwal

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