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Astha Tamang Maskey, who moonstruck millions of music lovers across the globe, is back again wit ‘RIDE’, a new single which will run in her upcoming EP.

“Showcasing her diversity and multifaceted talent as a singer/songwriter and musician, Astha is claimed to be playing with a broad concept to loosely tie the album together aesthetically and musically, according to the press release, which claims, “Simplicity is the strongest form of sophistication, and the album’s concept is to capture complex human emotions in the most simplistic form through her melodies and lyrics.”

The new single is produced by Nepal based producer, the Author (Rohit Shakya), and features Toronto-based MC Manny Rite, who rhymes smoothly over the beat to tie the record together nicely.

The official music video, directed by Saint of Motion 20 productions, was released on YouTube on September 9.

“Within her unique sound, she turns these hip-hop centered instrumentals into pop songs through catchy hooks and beautiful melodies,” according to the press release.

Astha’s last single ‘Where Have You Been’ was featured on MTV’s Just Arrived Playlist (Pepsi MTV Indies) in 2015. From 2011 to present, Astha has toured the world playing in venues and at festivals in the USA, Nepal, India, Australia, UK, and Canada.

Astha embarked on her very first international tour in May 2014, performing in prominent concert venues all around the world such as The Metro (Sydney, Australia), The Coronet Theatre (London, UK), The Hi-Fi (Melbourne, Australia), Cafe Live and Loud (Sikkim, India), The Hard Rock Cafe (Boston, USA), among others.
While Astha is now working in Canada with notable producers and a strong team to release her new pop/R&B album, let’s have a read on the responses on her new single.

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