Harvesting Musical Surprises

“Everybody in our band plays their own type of music, has their own touch but when it combines, it is something else, something unexpected. This would be the unique


Text by Shrisha Nepal
Photo by Arwind Chehetri

These seven talented musicians got together, responsibly held their respective musical instruments, and produced magical and soul-feeding tunes. Watching and listening to them, we were taken aback.

Founded on 26th September 2014, ‘Fusion Mantra’ harvests beauty of diversity and high peaks and steady landing music that is easy to the ears. The gel among these band members and their instruments will give you unique musical surprises. This union of sound will have your head moving around on whom to look at.

“We didn’t know each other before,” says Abhijeet Shahi, “We were involved in different bands actually, and with the growing trend and acceptance for instrumental music, Sabin Maharjan, who used to be the flutist of this band, and Nukul Singh Gurung came up with an idea for forming this band,” adding, “We slowly got  connected, some through friends, while others through encounters at gigs in pubs.”

A combination of classy and cool, ‘Fusion Mantra’ will fascinatingly shift your attention from one instrument to the other, and their combination of drama and elegance is something that you cannot see and feel every day. The tint of classical music and kick of rock will make you want to give in and dance it off.

“Fusion is pretty obvious because it is a fusion band, and ‘Mantra’ represents our roots in our Nepali fusion music,” says Shahi, “It also somewhere highlights the spiritual element that our instruments trigger.”

The instrumental ensemble, who is planning to launch their first album, believes that the competition is tough but accepts that the band doesn’t see themselves competing. Manish Gandharva says, “Other fusion bands are pioneers, and we are not in a position to compete; however, we are learning from them. We are just here to offer our music in the hope that our audience will like it.”


“We want to give the world a taste of

Nepali fusion music. As tough as it is to

sustain as musicians in Nepal, we want to

work hard to sustain our identity.”


Catch these enthusiasts performing gigs at popular pubs like Karma Lounge, Full moon, Rockers Magic and Loft lounge.


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