Hoping for Success


Text by Abhinav Das Shrestha
Photo by Arwind Chhetri

“I had always wanted to become a presenter but I was always shy to actually do it. Knowing that I was shy to chase my dream, my teachers persuaded me to start the project.

“Abhaya Subba from Abhaya and Steam Injuns suggested me that no one would approach me, praise my talent and offer me with the project that I had always dreamt of. I was convinced that I shall show talent all by myself.

“We’re learning everything from the ground, and trying to make this better. With zero investment, we have been able to reach out to thousands. I hope you will support me in my journey. Do subscribe my YouTube channel. Thank you!”

About Nita

Nita Adhikari is the host of the YouTube talk show ‘Ramailo Guff with Nita Adhikari’, where successful personalities and game changers coming from various professional backgrounds share their opinions and experiences to make impacts in the society.


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